Exhibitions Archive - Page 6

An elderly Chinese-American man stands in a room with hardwood floors and dark grey walls. The view of him is framed by two large, iridescent globes that are covered by black, gridded lines. He is wearing a black suit, that fits his body loosely, a white dress shirt, and glasses.
An animated image of tiny, mauve cubes floating equidistant from each other to form a grid. First, the cubes are floating above a surface of the same color where they are casting their shadows. The cubes then melt into a rippled blob and the words “Queens International 2018 Volumes” appear in an off-white font.
A wispy clouded blue sky in the daytime. Fluttering above it is a red, black, and green, horizontal striped flag on a black flagpole. In the top, left corner of the flag is a red diamond shape with black spots.
A crowd of inter-generational Latinx community members stand outside for a community arts event. Focused in the foreground is three young girls. Two are playing a hand clapping game and one is cheering. Behind them is a papier-mâché sculpture of a hand and adults also cheering and clapping.
A view of a bank lobby through its glass entrance. The glass has a white, square decal repeated in two rows and its banking hours listed in tiny font. In the center of its tiled floor is a sculpture. On the back wall of the lobby is an office space with two blinds drawn half open and a front desk, booth with dark, wood paneling.
A close-up of a person’s calf against a light blue background. The person has brown skin and a rubber mold of an abstracted shoe sole around their ankle
A group of adults stand in the middle of a street, holding up a pink banner that reads “Queens Lesbian & Gay Pride Committee, A Family of Pride” in black, block lettering. Behind them are more adults participating in the parade and holding signs that read “Family”, Neighbors”, “Friends”, and “Out and Proud” accompanied with symbols for those phrases.
A black and white photograph of a Latinx boy standing in the middle of a dirt road. He is wearing dark clothing and a cap. On the right side of the road is a sign that reads “Oak Flat Campground, Tonto National Forest”. Taped on the sign is another sign that reads “Apache Land!!!” in spray paint.
A print of stylized water drops on a white background. The first layer is in pink and the second layer is in blue and off centered.
Two hands hold a server in their hands. Next to them, on a table surface covered with a navy-blue, plaid table cloth, is a worn out package covered in tan packaging tape.
An image of a rusted ship sitting on a sandy beach, close to the water and against a cloudy sky. The image is split between four large-scale panels installed in the middle of an exhibition floor.
An exhibition space with a collaged, ring-shaped decal on the far left wall. Within the ring is the show title which reads “It’s About Us” and a block of wall text underneath. In the center of the floor is a white, center column housing a monitor, shelves, pamphlets, and small objects. Behind the center column is a set of podiums displaying burnt sienna and white colored sculptures.
A black graphic with collaged, white, stylized images of people at protests and their signs. The protest signs include phrases like “come together, “the struggle continues”, and “la revolución es poder para el pueblo”.
An exhibition space with hardwood floors embedded in the center of the floor. Raised above the hardwood floors is a set of four-sided blinds. The hardwood floors are covered with overlaying and multi-color sports field diagrams. Raised up within the blinds are four banners with a rainbow, checkered pattern.
A side profile portrait of a Black woman in black and white. She is posing against a white backdrop and in a seated posture. One hand is on her hip and the other is on her thigh, both clearly displaying a collection of bangles and rings. She is wearing black pants, a sleeveless top, a chain necklace and dangle earrings. Her hair is worn in a close cut shave. On her right bicep is a black panther tattoo.