Exhibitions Archive - Page 6

A four-sided set of blinds that take up the majority of an exhibition floor. The blinds are hanging from the ceiling and are raised to reveal a rectangular, red carpet embedded into the exhibition floor. Spread out on the carpet is a few fiber arts sculptures made of salvaged denim. Visitors of different ages are laying on and nestled into the sculptures. On the perimeter of the red carpet is a series of floor-to-ceiling curtains, made out of salvaged t-shirts stitched together.
Three immigrant women stand in front of a red backdrop with their faces turned away. Each of them are wearing yellow cleaning gloves and are holding a power fist above their heads. On the back of their matching green t-shirts is a yellow apple with the words “Apple Eco cleaning co-op”circling the apple and sitting within a thin yellow circle. Below the circle, in the same yellow is the Apple Eco cleaning co-op’s email and phone number.
A square quilt made up of 64 smaller squares patches and a thin white perimeter. The first square, on the top left, has the words “Memories Migration Common Thread” embroidered on a white patch with black thread. Each of the other patches are made up of different colors with either abstract shapes, letters, or motifs.
A map of New York City illustrating the city block grid. Spread across the five boroughs are lime green dots with varying diameters. Connecting a number of dots are curved red lines. Overlayed on the map is a pixelated image of a person crouching down with their attention towards the ground.
A car dashboard view, at sunset, on a three lane highway. The sky is clear and fades from blue to a soft yellow at the horizon. The road is also relatively clear with a few cars at a distance. Overlayed on the view is the date and time in the bottom, left corner and a magenta laser, target designator.
A close up view of iridescent shards of glass. The shards of glass are in different colors and patterns. Some have stripes, some of swirls and some have spots. Each piece has a glow or sheen to it.
A wooden surface with a collection of items spread out, including an open spread of a book, photocopied book pages, a pamphlet, watercolored pages, and color photographs of nature scenes and grass.
A to scale mock up of a sculpture installation in Times Square. Transparent paper has been laid over a color photograph of Times Square and gridded lines have been draw on in pencil to perfect the scale of a sculpture. The sculpture is of a woman dressed in 19th century style clothing. In front of the sculpture is a sketch of a man view the public art.
An immigrant woman stands in the middle of a street in Chinatown. Her gaze is up towards the sunlight and her hands are placed confidently on her hips. She is wearing a teal, pleated, sleeveless blouse, a grey skirt, and grey cardigan with a hood partly draped over her head. Behind her is a number of street signs in English and Chinese.
An elderly Chinese-American man stands in a room with hardwood floors and dark grey walls. The view of him is framed by two large, iridescent globes that are covered by black, gridded lines. He is wearing a black suit, that fits his body loosely, a white dress shirt, and glasses.
An animated image of tiny, mauve cubes floating equidistant from each other to form a grid. First, the cubes are floating above a surface of the same color where they are casting their shadows. The cubes then melt into a rippled blob and the words “Queens International 2018 Volumes” appear in an off-white font.
A wispy clouded blue sky in the daytime. Fluttering above it is a red, black, and green, horizontal striped flag on a black flagpole. In the top, left corner of the flag is a red diamond shape with black spots.
A crowd of inter-generational Latinx community members stand outside for a community arts event. Focused in the foreground is three young girls. Two are playing a hand clapping game and one is cheering. Behind them is a papier-mâché sculpture of a hand and adults also cheering and clapping.