Exhibitions Archive - Page 4

Paintings and a collaborative scrapbook hang on a white gallery wall. On the left, a small painting of Mount Rushmore at sunset, decorated with political protest signs, trees, and onlookers. On the left are two paintings with pink text: Am I Lovely? The left painting shows South Asian women of different brown complexions with white t-shirts and a white skincare product on their cheeks. The right painting shows two women in wrapped garments, gold facial jewelry, and head coverings. To the right, an interactive art piece asks the viewer to paste cut-out magazine clippings that explore colorism.
On top of a black pedestal, a glass box with metal vents houses a large jasmine plant bathed in pink light. On either side, a rectangle of semi-transparent sheet with a green maze structure is held up by unfinished wood.
White text on black background that reads Year of Uncertainty, YoU, Phase 2, Nov to Dec 2021, Engage and Experience, Involucrarse y Experimentar.
A night time scene of an outdoor dining table lined with folding chairs. Hiding the view of the table's surface, are water jars holding bouquets of wild green plants.
A black and white photo of a group of women of color standing in a circle. They are standing on a park lawn arms length apart from one another. Behind them are tall trees and an above ground railway.
A colorful mural on the sidewall of the museum portrays six Black Trans Femme icons. Marsha P.Johnson, Miss Major Griffin Gracy, Cayenne Doroshow, Qween Jean, Tourmaline, and Gia Love. The first person prominently stands out on the left side in a vibrant blue dress draped across the shoulder, while the person next to them wears a brown wrap skirt and ruffle blue top with one arm up in a fist. In the center is a person in a strapless bright orange dress holding it at the corner as they walk with an orange butterfly in their afro textured hair and music notes leave their lips. The next person is wearing a short blue skirt with a red top with a fist also in the air holding hands with a shadow of a smaller person. The last two people are, a person wearing a pink skirt with a white top in a motorized wheelchair and another person standing over their shoulder wearing yellow.
White text on black background that reads Year of Uncertainty, YoU, Phase , Oct 2021, Participate and Build, Participar y Construir.
On the Facade of the Museum is a three part banner in yellow with the phrase written in black ink, Dear Service Worker, Thank you for keeping NYC alive! For forever… There is a forward arrow between the words for and forever. The top of the building says Queens Museum. All of this is set below clouds and blue skies.