Exhibitions Archive - Page 3

A black sculpture installed on an exhibition floor. The sculpture as a cylindrical base and has six ribbed coils sprouting out of it.
Two side by side portraits of femme presenting adults. The portrait on the left is a color photograph. A cool light shines over the subject’s face which is emerging from a black background. They have blond hair with black roots, arched and painted eyebrows, and a pink lip. They are wearing studs, a nose ring, and a few gold necklaces. The portrait on the right is a black and white photograph and from the hip up. The subject has their face tilted up as if they are basking in the sun. Their eyes are closed and are wearing makeup, dangle earrings, a big jeweled necklace, and a sleeveless, printed dress. Their hair is straight and lightly framing their face.
A black sculpture installed on an exhibition floor. The sculpture as a cylindrical base and has six ribbed coils sprouting out of it.
A figure in a red bodysuit and large bundle of icy blue fabric covering the top half of their body walking across a driveway. In the background is a yellow building with red garage doors and a sign that reads “Jaime’s Used Tires”.
A large quilt hangs from ceiling of an exhibition wall. The square quilt is made up of eight rectangular patches. Each patch is made up with different patterns, colors, and motifs and has the name of a community member lost to AIDs in large font.
A United States Postal Service Stamp with a cartoon image. The image is of a man sitting at brown dinning table against a yellow backdrop. At the table is a soup bowl, silverware, and a glass of red wine. The man is wearing a black suit jacket with a blue vest. Placed on his head is a contraption with 14 steps. Starting with him pulling a spoon that prompts a domino effect ending with a duster fanning his spoonful of soup to cool it down.
A red graphic with three, black and bold words stacked to form a single column. Each word is crossed out with thick, black line.
An embroidered painting depicting a nature scene spilling out of a mosaic pattern. The scene is of a green field and a cloudy blue sky. In the sky is a single bird flying overhead and in the field is a nude human figure with a sphere in hand. The sphere has a snake-like shape curling around it and the figure is looking ahead ready to take aim at the bird with the sphere.
A black and white photograph of a white male, magician. He is standing on a platform and dressed in a tailcoat. In one hand he has a magic stick pointing towards his other hand, holding a top hat. In the background is Queens and the pavilions for the New York Fairs.
A black and white photograph of five people sitting in the back row of a bus. The people are of different racial backgrounds and genders. Their arms are crossed and they are sinking into the back seat. The fatigue of public transport is written on their face. Behind them are two round windows framing road they are passing over and a sign the reads “No Smoking” in all caps.
In the foreground is a table surface with recycled, yogurt containers filled with paint, paint brushes, and a pitcher of water. In the background, the artist David Kearns, has his back turned and is painting a mural made up of trees transitioning into fall colors. The mural features a black-haired dog walking amongst the trees and a city scape in the background. The paint style is blotchy and fuzzy with details not completely made out.
A floral collage made with magazine clippings, paint, and colorful paper cut in organic shapes.
A graphic sketch of three artworks. On the left is a framed drawing of a hand, drawing on a piece of paper with a pencil. Above the hand is the word “ART” written out in block letters”. In the center is a grouping of protest signs about gun violence, LGBTQ+ rights and the Movement for Black Lives. On the right is an abstracted U.S. flag with a map of the United States. The map is shaded in to show the ratio of blue and red states.
A tight shot of an Asian man dressed in a white collared shirt, brown suede vest, and brown cowboy hat. He has dark brown eyebrows, a close cut bread, and is wearing stud earrings. Perched on his shoulder, gently propped up by his hands, is a green mold of a cow’s head. He is tilting his head gently with his eyes closed so that his head and the cow’s head together create the shape of a heart.
A blue slide with a white circle in the center. Within the white circle are three, smaller, black circles forming an equilateral triangle. The black circles are connected by blue dotted lines. Counter clockwise starting from the top, the black circles read, “ QUEENS COLLEGE”, “QUEENS MUSEUM” and “QUEENS NYC” in white, uppercase font. In the center of the triangle is another black circle of the same size. It reads “SPQ Social Practice Queens”. The center black circle is connected to each outer black circle with more blue dotted lines.