Past Exhibitions - Page 9

A sculpture of a Hindu deity draped in seaweed, seated on a sandy beach. In the background clumps of seaweed and trash cover the sand until the horizon breaks into blue sky.
A wooden surface with a collection of items spread out, including an open spread of a book, photocopied book pages, a pamphlet, watercolored pages, and color photographs of nature scenes and grass.
A floral collage made with magazine clippings, paint, and colorful paper cut in organic shapes.
A group of Latinx women pose for a photograph. They are sitting and standing in three rows on a glass stairway above a museum floor. They are each holding up their own embroidery work.
A close-up of a person’s calf against a light blue background. The person has brown skin and a rubber mold of an abstracted shoe sole around their ankle
A woman is standing in the middle of a deserted dirt road covered in pink body paint and wearing black makeup around her eyes and mouth. She playing an electric guitar, topless. She is wearing a plastic tiara, a short blond wig, black gloves, a skinny green belt, leopard print underwear, and black fishnets. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open, as though she is in the middle of singing.
A tight shot of an Asian man dressed in a white collared shirt, brown suede vest, and brown cowboy hat. He has dark brown eyebrows, a close cut bread, and is wearing stud earrings. Perched on his shoulder, gently propped up by his hands, is a green mold of a cow’s head. He is tilting his head gently with his eyes closed so that his head and the cow’s head together create the shape of a heart.
A video thumbnail with a centered, black “press play” symbol in a green rounded off square. The thumbnail is of jewel-like sculptures hanging in an atrium. The sculptures have a silver metal skeleton and are illuminated in soft gray and lavender light.
A crowd of inter-generational Latinx community members stand outside for a community arts event. Focused in the foreground is three young girls. Two are playing a hand clapping game and one is cheering. Behind them is a papier-mâché sculpture of a hand and adults also cheering and clapping.
A close up installation view of Sydney Shen’s solo exhibition, Strange But True. Three, cropped views of rectangular, block sculptures sit on the gallery floor. Each block has blown up handwritten notes, black and white photographs, and documents tacked on. The block on the center has a giant metal key laying on it. One gallery wall is painted black and has blown up projector slides, a magnifying glass and a black pencil with a teddy-bear eraser topper. Two visitors are observing the works.