Exhibitions - Skylight Gems

Virginia Overton
Skylight Gems

06.01.22 – Ongoing

Delta Air Lines x Queens Museum at LaGuardia Airport

A video thumbnail with a centered, black “press play” symbol in a green rounded off square. The thumbnail is of jewel-like sculptures hanging in an atrium. The sculptures have a silver metal skeleton and are illuminated in soft gray and lavender light.

Virginia Overton’s work utilizes architectural forms and materials to create dynamic configurations that respond to a particular environment. For Terminal C’s western atrium, the artist recalled her father’s stories of seeing the twinkling New York City skyline as his plane descended into LaGuardia Airport. Among the myriad skyscrapers and structural landmarks visible from this distinct vantage point, Overton drew inspiration from skylights, an identifying feature of the city’s rooftops.


For Skylight Gems, Overton repurposed salvaged skylight sections from junkyards and constructed matching halves to create new, enclosed structures illuminated from within. These jewels, suspended from each of the atrium’s three levels, are visible to travelers throughout the terminal. Conveying strength and delicacy, solidity and ephemerality, Overton’s gems celebrate the ingenuity of New York City’s architecture, while also capturing the excitement that travel—and the moment of arrival—inspires in both residents and tourists alike. 


The Delta x Queens Museum commissions at LaGuardia Airport is a partnership between the Queens Museum, Delta Air Lines, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.