2014 Archive - Page 1

A black and white side profile photograph of a White woman against a plain backdrop. The woman occupies the left side of the frame. Her gaze is down and one hand up is squeezing her shoulder. Her hair is dark, full, wavy and brushed back. She has a couple freckles on her cheek, a nose ring, and a lip piercing.
An exhibition room with a giant sculpture of a male head on a black stand. The sculpture is black with large specs of color marbled in. Behind the sculpture is a wooden bench, placed in front of two framed illustrations of the same head in black.
A sculpture of a Hindu deity draped in seaweed, seated on a sandy beach. In the background clumps of seaweed and trash cover the sand until the horizon breaks into blue sky.
A visitor stands in a dark exhibition space. The floor is covered with a green carpet. Along three walls are 8 monitors suspended from the ceiling. The monitors are displaying soccer game footage, interviews and diagrams.