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A vibrant and colorful painting by Aliza Nisenbaum featuring Veronica and her daughter Maritza sitting on a couch in their Queens livingroom. Around the couch is a stack of notebooks, a stool with a poinsettia plants, a portable speaker, a bicycle, and a sheet music holder. Veronica is wearing a yellow dress and turquoise cowboy boots. Maritza, who is resting under her mother's arm, is wearing a tank and cross-body purse with nature-inspired motifs, blue jeans, and gray socks.
A photograph of the artist Tracey Rose and her gallerist Christian Haye, embracing to kiss while seated nude atop a plinth.
FROM HERE film promotional image showing the title, award logos, and a design featuring stills of the people featured in the film.
A composite of three headshot photographs of the three artists who will join the conversation: Jamal Cyrus, Charisse Pearlina Weston and Cosmo Whyte.
A boy in a bright green t-shirt in a park with a cement floor is standing on the cavity where the water comes out. Other children watch him.
A gray colored almost transparent rectangular piece of glass with a fold on the left side sits inside of a silver lead cylindrical folded base. The folds are soft . Inside the glass is an abstract shattered image in a rectangular shape with the top corner cut and placed at the far corner of the glass. The folds of the silver stand are visible through the glass.