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Portraits of Arthi Krishnamoorthy and Ming Chiang side by side. On the left is Arthi, a light brown skinned woman with brown eyes and shoulder-length, straight, black hair parted on the side. She is wearing blue stone, dangle earrings and a white long-sleeve tunic. There is a slight tilt to her head and she is smiling gently with her lips closed. On the right is Ming, an olive toned man with brown eyes and short, black hair. He is wearing a smile, round glasses, a black blazer, a blue and white striped button up, and a purple and green tie. He is standing in a staircase with his left hand on the wooden railing.
Centered, is Guadalupe Maravilla, an olive tone skinned man with black, short, curly hair. He is wearing purple pants with an orange and black woven jacket. He is playing a triangle in an exhibition space and appears to be slowly pacing through a maze of adults and children, participating in the sound bath. The participants are dressed in athleisure wear and laying on yoga mats.
A two-story, vertical mural against a white marble wall. The mural is installed above a set of elevators, and between a set of escalators and a floor to ceiling window. The mural is made up of sixty, mixed-media, abstract portraits.
Four adults of different races, dressed in evening wear, pose together in front of a white backdrop with the queens logo repeated. They are all wearing blue tones and smiling.
A headshot of Lauren Haynes smiling against a light gray backdrop. She has short black hair and brown skin, is wearing long, wedge-shaped gold earrings, and a dark green shirt.
A bust shot of Angelo, an olive toned man, with brown eyes, and a dark, groomed beard. He is wearing a tan button up with thin red, white, and blue striped detailing, and a blue and brown bucket hat. He is posing in front of a bookshelf filled with vintage books.
A black and white photo of a group of women of color standing in a circle. They are standing on a park lawn arms length apart from one another. Behind them are tall trees and an above ground railway.