Museum visitors enjoy an aerial view of the Panorama of the City of New York. The visitors share different expressions. Some are observing quietly, some are pointing, and some are smiling.

Photo: Scott Rudd

In 2024, the Queens Museum will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair and the creation of the beloved Panorama of the City of New York. In the lead up to this momentous milestone, and as a part of the Museum’s continued efforts to raise crucial funds to maintain and preserve The Panorama, we are excited to announce new and expanded opportunities for the Adopt-A-Building Program.


We have added new levels and benefits, as well as the opportunity for donors to split their donation over the course of the year in 12 monthly payments, sign up for automatic renewals, and give more significant contributions for additional benefits. The Adopt-A-Building Program offers year-long leases for any property with the option for renewal at the end of the year.


Adopt-A-Building supporters near and far can adopt an apartment, office, building complex, or landmark that holds a special meaning to them. Supporters will receive an exclusive title deed for their property. Sign up and contribute to the care of this iconic piece of NYC history today!


Renew your commitment today! Past and current Adopt-A-Building deed holders will not be affected by this change but are encouraged and welcome to participate in the re-launch of the program to ensure the preservation of the panorama with a renewal donation to their property. As a reminder all donations are 100% tax deductible and go directly to supporting the Museum and this emblematic piece of our collection.

Adopt-A-Building Levels

$150 Apartments

Donors receive digital copy of their deed 


$500 Single Family homes and townhomes

Donors receive physical laminated copy of their deed 


$1,500 Small commercial buildings, low-rise apartment buildings, warehouses

Donors receive a physical framed copy of their deed; invitation to special Adopt-A-Building Events; and updates on upcoming World’s Fair anniversary celebrations!

New Levels: Guardians of the City

New to the program, donors who commit $2,500 or above to the Adopt-A-Building Program, and more importantly to the preservation of The Panorama, will be listed on our donor wall. This group of donors, called Guardians of the City will enjoy additional benefits for their support. 


Guardians of the City

$2,500 In addition to any house or apartment, donors can purchase large commercial and public buildings, including museums, schools, and colleges

Donors will be included in the Adopt-A-Building webpage; receive a physical copy of their deed; invitations to special events and receptions; and updates on upcoming World’s Fair anniversary celebrations.


Guardians of the City

$5,000 In addition to Large commercial and public buildings, including museums, schools, and colleges, donors may purchase Iconic and landmark buildings (Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, Empire State Building).

Donors will be included on the Museum’s Donor Wall, and on the Adopt-A-Building webpage. Donors receive a physical copy of their deed; invitations to special events and receptions; and updates on upcoming World’s Fair anniversary celebrations.


If you have any questions or issues related to The Panorama of the City of New York sponsorships and donations, please contact

Adopt-A-Building Stories

Do you have an Adopt-A-Building story you would like to share with us? Send your stories to


As far as we know, this apartment has never housed a future president or Oscar winner; it was never the site of any event of political or cultural importance; it has no hidden architectural treasures. But it’s where we first lived together, where we had our first fight about whether it was ok to leave pants on the floor overnight, where our friends gathered once a week to eat, drink, and watch Project Runway, where he proposed and where we planned our life together. Through three different landlords, a revolving door of graduate student neighbors, block parties, election lines, construction and infestation by that one mouse who just refused to respect our authority as humans, this was where we learned to be New Yorkers.”


“This apartment is our first home as a married couple. I surprised him with a trip to the Panorama (he’d never heard of it and was amazed) and we spent hours looking at the incredibly detailed work of a city that we both love so much. This is in honor of our first anniversary as a married couple, with wishes for many more to come, for both us and the panorama!”


“This is for one of the true lovers of NYC! She walked the perimeter of Manhattan in one day, ridden the entirety of the subway system in two days, dug deep into the sands of Coney Island’s history as a master student and became a doctor while strutting in the footsteps of disco greatness. Now we are honored to say that this heartfelt NYC’er calls Bensonhurst home. Keep doing this city proud Riptide Warrior!”


“This purchase is being made in honor of our mother, who grew up in this apartment in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Our family drove across the country to attend the 1964 World’s Fair and saw the Panorama exhibit. Now at age 87, our mother has dementia, but still remembers her former home and the city she loved. We, her adult children, wanted to find a unique way to express our enormous gratitude to her for opening our eyes to a wider world and, among other adventures, bringing us to the wonderful city of New York and all it has to offer.”

Panorama Supporters

Major funding for the 2017 relighting of The Panorama of the City of New York was generously provided by Amazon Studios. Significant in-kind support provided by Crystal Window and Door Systems and Knight Electrical Services Corp. Very special thanks to Battery Park City Authority, Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, Jack and Dorothy Kupferberg Family Foundation, New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, New York Mets Foundation, Radii Inc., and the hundreds of donors to the Adopt A Building Program for their support of the ongoing care and maintenance of the Panorama.