Six Latinx women, wearing multi-colored crocheted sweaters, stand in a row. Each of their sweaters have different images including hearts, the Statue of Liberty, and a broken brick wall. They are standing in a park full of trees and wide walkways. Behind them is a huge silver metal sculpture of a globe.

Photo: Jeannine Han

BordeAndo is a crochet and embroidery collective of Latina women living in Corona, Queens. BordeAndo’s collaborative work in textile arts provides a connection to their heritage, a place to find support in one another through their meetings at the Queens Museum, and an opportunity to engage in political education. The group’s name is a play on Spanish words, transforming bordando (embroidering) and borde (border) to create BordeAndo. As they make new textile works, the group shares their own experiences of migration from Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador, the difficulties faced by undocumented immigrants, and the impact of family separation. BordeAndo provides a healing space to talk openly and find support in fellow community members, as well as demonstrate joy, beauty, strength, and resilience in the work the members create together.