Exhibitions - The Queens Teens: Overcoming, Adapting, and Resisting

The Queens Teens: Overcoming, Adapting, and Resisting

06.26.21 – 08.29.21

A graphic sketch of three artworks. On the left is a framed drawing of a hand, drawing on a piece of paper with a pencil. Above the hand is the word “ART” written out in block letters”. In the center is a grouping of protest signs about gun violence, LGBTQ+ rights and the Movement for Black Lives. On the right is an abstracted U.S. flag with a map of the United States. The map is shaded in to show the ratio of blue and red states.

Image: Giulia Fontaine, "The 2020 Exhibition", 2021. Graphite on paper.

This exhibition presents work by the Queens Teens. These artists have made paintings, drawings, digital works, and sculptures in response to the widespread hardships felt by our communities due to Covid-19. As young, dynamic, and compassionate New Yorkers, they have sought to communicate the physically and emotionally grueling experience of outlasting the pandemic over the past year.


In their own words, “We wish to highlight the courage New Yorkers embodied when going through quarantine and this uncertain period. From first-responders to middle school students, everyone had to adapt to the changing circumstances of the city.”


Their work is accompanied by a site-specific mural by artist Jaclyn Reyes of the local collective, Little Manila Queens Bayanihan Arts. Reyes’ Flare/Flair conveys the experience of standing on the 7 train platform at golden hour. Offering an uplifting sentiment universally recognizable to Queens residents, the mural is an homage to the shared moments of ignition that instigate change, growth, and illumination.


About Queens Teens:


Queens Teens offers youth opportunities to gain exposure to a cultural institution while developing their creative interest and passion for the arts and social justice. In addition, the teens become part of a close-knit peer network that fosters personal and professional growth. To learn more about Queens Teens or to participate, visit: www.queensmuseum.org/queens-teens


The Queens Teens: Overcoming, Adapting, and Resisting is organized by Manha Bulbul and Skyler Chouloute with support from the Queens Museum Education department.

Participating Artists

— Chiara Ahualt

— Carissa Blackwell

— Jasmin Contreras

— Shelly Fatal

— Giulia Fontaine

— Christopher Guthrie

— Zainab Hamid

— Prabhjot Kaur

— Afroza Keya

— Lina Mazioui

— Greicy Ramirez

— Nadiya Rampersaud

— Susan Salgado

— Ashley Saldana

— Lisbeth Santana

— Ruben Santiago


Queens Teens programming is generously supported by the Pinkerton Foundation. Queens Museum programs are also supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature.