Exhibitions - Pacha Cosmopolitanism Overtime

Ronny Quevedo
Pacha Cosmopolitanism Overtime

06.01.22 – Ongoing

Delta Air Lines x Queens Museum at LaGuardia Airport

A video thumbnail with a centered, black “press play” symbol in a green rounded off square. The thumbnail is of a two-story, vertical mural against a white marble wall. The mural is installed above a set of elevators and between two sets of escalators. The mural has a wooden surface with different shades of blue paint in a rectangular shape in the center. Layered on top, are rounded off streaks of paint in many colors.

Born in Ecuador and raised in the Bronx, Ronny Quevedo draws on his own history of migration to explore notions of identity, displacement, and community. Quevedo attended indoor soccer games throughout New York City with his father, a former professional player and referee, where he witnessed people from various backgrounds bond through sport. Soccer and other group activities create a space for community and celebration–and this remains an inspiration for Quevedo’s practice.


The gymnasium flooring in Pacha Cosmopolitanism Overtime is a direct reference to the spirited games of Quevedo’s youth and the thriving sports culture that connects travelers globally. The colorful, fractured game lines that intersect and overlap across the wooden surface recall athletic movement and represent migration across local and international borders. Quevedo’s commission is an homage to the diverse communities that call New York City home, honoring their resilience amid new and changing circumstances.


The Delta x Queens Museum commissions at LaGuardia Airport is a partnership between the Queens Museum, Delta Air Lines, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.