Exhibitions - The Ones who Make it Run (Delta Terminal C, LaGuardia Airport)

Aliza Nisenbaum
The Ones who Make it Run (Delta Terminal C, LaGuardia Airport)

06.01.22 – Ongoing

Delta Air Lines x Queens Museum at LaGuardia Airport

The painting depicts an airport scene. In the background are floor to ceiling windows with the view of a body of water and a cloudy blue sky. Posing in front of the window are sixteen Delta Airlines and Port Authority employees in their uniforms.

Aliza Nisenbaum’s portraits focus on underrepresented individuals and communities. Her previous commissions have led her to document the lives of wide-ranging groups, from undocumented immigrants in Queens to subway workers and healthcare providers in the United Kingdom. In addition to taking photographs, Nisenbaum also spends many hours with her subjects in-person, a uniquely intimate process that allows for each participant’s personality and individual dignity to shine through each brushstroke. 


Nisenbaum’s mural focuses on sixteen Delta and Port Authority employees as well as their service providers, among the many thousands who keep the terminal running smoothly each day. The painting includes pilots, flight attendants, police officers, firefighters, customer service agents, Urban Pathways staff (homeless outreach), taxi dispatchers, and individuals working in facilities and maintenance. Together, these employees represent the strength and diversity of the Delta and Port Authority community; as individuals, their dynamic poses and winning smiles convey their unique personalities and indelible contributions to their workplace.


The current installation is a reproduction of an oil painting. The final mosaic artwork will be installed in 2024.


Participants: Arlene Bahar (Flight Attendant, Delta), Anna Berger (Flight Attendant, Delta), Lenin Bravo (Security Guard, Prosegur), Karen Chang (Taxi Dispatcher, Delta), Sammy Chang (Police Offer, Port Authority), Roy Coutain (Customer Service Agent, Delta), Alicia Day (Senior Case Manager, Urban Pathways), Jared Hodge (Pilot, Delta), Dattatraya Lodh (Customer Service Agent, Delta), Aimee McDaniel (Flight Attendant, Delta), Christiana Mendez (Janitorial Staff, ISS), Abraham Millien (Airport Customer Experience Specialist, Delta), Favio Rosa (Aircraft Cabin Services, Delta), David Russell (Battalion Chief, Port Authority), and Bernadette Tamasi (Redcoat Supervisor, Delta).     


The Delta x Queens Museum commissions at LaGuardia Airport is a partnership between the Queens Museum, Delta Air Lines, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.