Plantón Móvil
Plant-Human migration and mobilization from Corona Plaza to Queens Museum


“Plantón” is the word in Spanish for a sapling. It is also the word for a sit-in. This project takes on both: the green to be planted and the peaceful protest. People of all ages are invited to lend their mobility to a group of trees and plants so they can walk down the streets, like a small forest reclaiming its place and respect in the city. At the end of the walk, the trees and plants contribute to a new or existing public space. 

Plantón Móvil is a project by Lucia Monge that has been realized on an annual basis internationally since 2010. Produced in collaboration with local communities and co-facilitated by Lucia Monge, Ana-Maria Quispe and Claudia Udanivia, this 2019 iteration of Plantón Móvil in Corona, Queens will explore migration and plant-human relationships specifically from the perspective of immigrant communities and how they connect to their heritage as well as the green spaces of the city. Anyone is invited to join this project by attending the workshops leading up to the project in August and September, or simply by showing up in Oct.12, as the Plantón Móvil will migrate from Corona Plaza to Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Plantón Móvil –Why we walk 
To walk alongside plants is a form of solidarity. 
We exchange in our walk: plants borrow a speed noticeable by people and in return people may borrow some of their slowness. 
We walk for sustainable public green areas as a common right for all. 
We walk for diversity – promoting the value of native and well-adapted species without the stigmatization of “invasive” ones. 
We walk with our human and plant neighbors to co-own and share public space. 
Plants and trees are living beings: not a decoration, not a building block within a static landscape. We move together to express our living-ness.

Please join us for the following public workshops to delve deeper into the exploration of the project, to partake in a plant cultivation process, and to design and build your own plant-human connectors.

August 8: Introduction to Plants and Plant Movements

August 15: Plant-Human Connectors

September 12: Nutrition + Plant Medicines

September 19: Food Cycles – From Seed to Soil

Lucia Monge is a Peruvian artist with a background in education and art + science collaboration. Her work explores the way humans position ourselves within the natural world and relate to other living beings, especially plants. For the past nine years she has organized Plantón Móvil, a yearly “walking forest” performance that leads to the creation of public green areas. Monge has exhibited widely in South America, Europe, and the United States as well as at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). She has presented her work in conferences including Performance Climates at Melbourne University and Open Engagement at the Queens Museum, and her work is included in publications such as Global Performance Issues and MoMA’s Uneven Growth. Lucia holds a BFA from Universidad Católica del Peru and a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design.

Born in Peru, Ana María Quispe Piscoya graduated from Montclair State University, Upper Montclair NJ USA in 1998 with a BS in Human Ecology Dietetics and a minor in Health Studies. She enhanced her career with Agroecology and Integrative Medicine courses in Cuba and promotes plant based diets, for physical, mental, spiritual health, as well as fighting global warming, poverty, exploitation, preserving the rich biodiversity of indigenous communities. Ana-María has obtained distinctions from the ADA (American Dietetic Association): Outstanding Student of the Year Award 1998 / Outstanding Diet Practitioner, 2000. She has been giving lectures in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, USA and Venezuela.

Claudia Urdanivia is a community development practitioner, gardener, and food systems professional currently based in Queens. She hails from Lima, Peru and North Jersey, and holds a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from Hunter College with a focus on food studies and Andean studies. Claudia has worked in various capacities to uplift the voices of communities of color through developing and sustaining community garden spaces in New Jersey and, most recently, the Bronx. She is also a food systems educator for youth and adults, and has experience facilitating popular education workshops. Claudia is passionate about Andean cultures, indigenous agricultural knowledge, food sovereignty, and the well-being of our planet.


Photo Credit: Josip Curich, Plantón Móvil 2012



Plantón Móvil

“Plantón” es la palabra que se usa para referirse a un árbol jóven que está listo para ser sembrado en la tierra, es la palabra que se usa también para referirse a una manifestación pacífica en la que personas ocupan un lugar para expresar una preocupación o postura. Este proyecto utiliza ambas connotaciones. En el Plantón Móvil personas y plantas se juntan para formar un bosque que sale a caminar por las calles para reclamar su espacio y respeto en la ciudad. Al final de cada recorrido las plantas se siembran en el espacio público.

El Plantón Móvil es un proyecto de Lucia Monge que ocurre anualmente en distintas ciudades del mundo desde el 2010. En el 2019, será producido en colaboración con comunidades locales y explorará temas de migración y relaciones entre humanos y plantas. Desde la perspectiva de comunidades migrantes exploraremos la manera en la que las plantas nos conectan con nuestras raíces y con los parques públicos de una ciudad. Todxs están invitados a participar de este proyecto participando de los talleres en agosto y setiembre o uniéndose directamente al evento del 12 de octubre cuando el Plantón Móvil migrará de Corona Plaza al Museo de Queens en Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Los invitamos a participar de los siguientes talleres gratuitos para profundizar en la exploración del proyecto, para sembrar plantas y para diseñar y construir sus propios conectores humano+planta.

8 de agosto: Presentación del proyecto y al movimiento de las plantas

15 de agosto: Conectores humano+planta

September 12: Nutrition + Plant Medicines

September 19: Food Cycles – From Seed to Soil

Lucia Monge es una artista peruana cuyo trabajo se enfoca en relaciones humanas con la naturaleza. Sus proyectos exploran distancias y cercanías con plantas mediante la colaboración interdisiciplinaria, la escultura y el movimiento. En su proyecto Plantón Móvil, personas y plantas forman un bosque caminante que recorre calles urbanas y culmina con una siembra en el espacio público. Éste ha ocurrido anualmente desde el 2010 en ciudades como Lima, Londres, Minneapolis y Providence, ha sido incluido en exposiciones en Perú, Brasil, Alemania, Australia, Inglaterra y Estados Unidos y ha sido mencionado en publicaciones como Uneven Growth del MOMA, Global Performance Issues, Elephant Magazine y la BBC de Londres. Lucia estudió pintura en la Universidad Católica del Perú y obtuvo una maestría en escultura de la Escuela de Diseño de Rhode Island.


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