Event - World Cinema & Culture

World Cinema & Culture

06.25.18, 1:30 pm


This 4-week workshop series will change your way of watching films. The instructor will introduce various cinema trends from historical and cultural perspectives, and important directors in different time periods. Participants will learn how culture influences the world cinema theories, such as Soviet Montage, Italy Neorealism, Third World Cinema New Waves…The instructor will analyze Semiotics and Ideologies in genres, so participants can acquire independent thinking skills as film critics. Small exercises will also be involved to put theories into practices. The whole workshop will provide inspirations for young rising media content creators.

Dates: June 11, 18, 25, July 2.

Time: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM.

Queens Museum, 2nd. Floor.

楊詠任畢業於紐約市立大學電影碩士,現為獨立影像創作者,紐約冬季電影節和恐懼膠卷競賽電影競賽評委,並在Third World Newsreel電影工作坊擔任合作教師。驚悚短片作品”Sweet Sixteen”入圍六個電影節,獲得四個獎項,另外導演作品“追夢的兔子”入圍兩個電影節,包含美西最大亞裔影展之一:舊金山亞美電影節。攝影合作公司包括:中東半島電台、瑪莎史都華、浙江經視、新浪新聞等等。

This course will be taught by the filmmaker: Yung-Jen Yang
Graduated from Media Arts Production of City College of New York (M.F.A.), Yung-Jen Yang is currently a freelance filmmaker. He is a judge in Winter Film Awards and Reel Fear Horror Contest, and a film workshop instructor in Third World Newsreel. His short thriller “Sweet Sixteen” is officially selected by 6 film festivals, and wins 4 awards. Furthermore, his latest work “The Daydreaming Bunny” is selected by 2 film festivals, including CAAM Film Festival, one of the largest west coast Asian American festivals. The companies he has worked for as videographer includes AI Jazeera, Martha Stewart, Zhejiang Television, Sina News, etc.