Event - What Border Have You Crossed?

What Border Have You Crossed?

11.21.15, 12:00 pm

Bordr, an international NGO that explores borders both political and metaphorical, invites you to join us for the opening celebration of the exhibition What Border Have You Crossed?

In this six-week exhibition which runs from November 21 to December 31, 2015, museum visitors will explore the borders of Queens. On a blackboard, an interactive map, through post-its, and with digital technology, Bordr invites visitors to share their own personal border experiences. As inspiration, sixteen 7-foot tall portraits of Bordr project participants in Queens, Sweden, Jordan, Malawi, and Mozambique, and the borders they each have crossed, will cover the main wall of the Queens Museum’s Community Partnership Gallery.

“What border have you crossed?” is part of a continuing, and developing Bordr exhibition series. It is a direct descendant of its Swedish predecessor “Project Borders Vision” which was exhibited at the Steneby School of Craft and Design in 2013. These exhibitions are meant to grow and change with input from its local audience. This exhibition and project seeks to reveal as much about Queens as its participants, the local-global world they live in, and the borders they care about.

This event is free with museum suggested admission and open to the public.

Event Schedule
Exhibition tour and discussion with Marcus Haraldsson, artist and acting Executive Director of Bordr, Erik Faxgard, board member, and Chrissie Faniadis, Bordr Board Chair (second-floor Partnership gallery)

Seminar and Workshop: What border have you crossed? (second-floor theater)
Moderated by Marcus Haraldsson
In this micro border workshop, participants will co-create this exercise and share their own stories across space, mind, and time. We will explore the borders of Queens and bring up different aspects of Bordr’s methodology. How can border experiences be connected? And what does it mean beyond technology and concepts? Marcus also will share the history and idea of the exhibition, pilot-projects, and general information about the Bordr organization.

We ask people to register in advance for this seminar and workshop but we will also welcome people on the day of the event if there is space. E-mail Guido Garaycochea at ggaraycochea@queensmuseum.org to reserve a spot.

Opening reception (second-floor Partnership gallery)

About Bordr:
Bordr is a Sweden-based organization that grew out of a project with the Queens Museum New New Yorkers Program in 2011 – 2012. Six first-generation migrants in Queens borrowed cameras while briefly returning to their native countries on five continents to capture the borders between homes. The result became a border-experience database, an app, exhibitions, and the Bordr methodology. Bordr is now a team of five involved in projects exploring methods to create understanding and curiosity across Europe, in Southern Africa and in the US. The team consists of Chrissie Faniadis (Sweden) Christo de Klerk (US), Erik Faxgård (Sweden), Marcus Haraldsson (Sweden) and Shriya Malhotra (India).

Read more on: bordr.org

The event and exhibition is being presented as part of the Queens Museum’s Community Partnership and New New Yorkers programs.