Event - TALKaCTIVE: performance art conversation series

TALKaCTIVE: performance art conversation series

06.11.17, 2:00 pm

TALKaCTIVE, the first program dedicated to the discussion and exploration of various themes in Performance Art, will hold a special presentation / performance / dialogue / reflection with Hector Canonge who will introduce “PROJEKT RECOVERY.”

This month’s program will focus on aspects of loss, obsolescence, detachment, ephemerality, and the transitory nature of Live Art. The artist will conduct a durational action inviting audiences (present and online) to think about the themes in question. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with attending audience.


(Artist Statement)

My most recent visit to Berlin, Germany, was marked by the joy of being back with friends and colleagues whom I had not seen since the last Month of Performance Art, MPAB, in 2015.  Right after wrapping up the week-long program of ITINERANT, Performance Art Festival NYC, that I organize independently in various boroughs, I traveled to the city that has always welcomed me and nurtured the production of my work.  My scheduled presentations: featured guest artist at OKK, Organ Kritischer Kunst, and invited participant in the 4th Annual Performance Art Weekend organized by Luisa Catucci Gallery, former Cell63 Gallery, had been arranged months in advance. The excitement of being back in one of my favorite places in Europe overshadowed my long journey, and gave me the strength to move freely around the city despite the heavy load of my backpack. What follows to my first night of presentations is a series of events that have changed my state of Being, my relationship with others, and my psychological awareness about the world we are now living in.  From the darkness corners of Prinzenallee Straße, to the parks and green areas in Berlin-Wedding, from the police station of PankStraße to the consular offices in Berlin-Mitte, and from U-Bahn to S-Bahn, my wonderings in search of what I thought was “mine” made me realize that in actuality nothing is really “ours” for too long.

PROJEKT RECOVERY is an attempt to mend my persona after being submitted to a violent act where my psychological and physical well being were suddenly disrupted. The project is not only a presentation / performance / dialogue / reflection, but an opportunity for me to (re)formulate my art practice, understand better my own objectives for the years to come, and reflect on the nature of my own material and moral values. To a larger degree, PROJEKT RECOVERY is also an attempt to rescue documentation of 3 years of work (2014-2016) in three different continents.  Work that vanished in a moment of joy and trustfulness.  Joy as we were celebrating the presentation of my last work, and trust as I believed in the safety of a space, and the good will of people.  PROJEKT RECOVERY is a plea, a request, an act of solidarity, and a call for actions from friends, colleagues, acquaintances, the public in general who took pictures and/or video documentation of my performances, initiatives, and presentations. Please send send any visual documentation. The photos and/or videos can be sent through Wetransfer, Dropbox or Email using the email: canonge.projekt.recovery@gmail.com  All contributors and supporters will be credited accordingly.

More information will follow as the project unfolds in the upcoming weeks and months: www.hectorcanonge.net/projekt-recovery


Perfomance art conversation series- is a program that fosters dialogue and exchange among Live Action Art practitioners, encourages commentary about Performance Art, and prompts reflection about performative processes, methodologies, and styles. Every session is organized around a relevant topic in Performance Art, and the presentation of works by a group of selected artists who share their work, discuss their approach to Live Art, and engage in open conversation with critics, curators, and attending audience. The monthly series consists of a presentation, panel, and open Q&A session where participating artists screen documentation of their work, a curator or critic contextualizes the works presented, and a moderator mediates the exchange of information and resources. TALKaCTIVE is an independent initiative created and organized by artist Hector Canonge. Hosted at the Queens Museum, the monthly series is free of charge and open to the general public.