Event - Studio 9 Exchange #3 on Social Practice Art

Studio 9 Exchange #3 on Social Practice Art

02.27.16, 12:00 pm

Join Social Practice Queens, a collaboration between the Queens Museum & Queens College’s MFA concentration in Social Practice (SPQ), for the third Studio 9 Exchange. The session will take in the Triangle Space , adjacent to Studio 9 – SPQ’s shared studio space at the Queens Museum.

Exchange 3: is “social practice gentrifying community art?”
We will begin by discussing the text: “Art & Gentrification” by Larne Abse Gogarty (2014) – the title based on a provocation initiated by Rick Lowe at the 2013 Creative Time Summit.

About Studio 9 Exchange

The topic of each exchange will always change but remain dedicated to exploring questions central to social practice art and social engagement. The goal of each exchange is to explore a given topic beyond formal academic structures, to include: participatory gestures, peer-to-peer discussions, interpretations, arguments, and performance. A text will accompany each session and in the spirit of exchange participants are encouraged to share any supplemental materials that may enliven the text. (videos, movement experiments, tool kits, hyperlinks…etc)

Please email: jeffkasperdesign@gmail.com if you would like to join.