Event - Soundtrack of War

Soundtrack of War

06.04.17, 1:00 pm

Join us for an afternoon of music, art, and discussion! Queens is home to communities deeply impacted by conflict: veterans, immigrants, and refugees alike. Soundtrack of War brings together diverse communities to facilitate engagement with conflict in an era marked by mass media, propaganda, apathy, and silence. The Vietnam Era was defined by its artists and musicians. Songs like Give Peace a Chance and What’s Goin’ On continue to define our ideas of resistance and protest. Where is the soundtrack for the Post 9/11 era? The Last Poets, Rebel Diaz, and HaStyle share their perspectives through music and conversation. Stay after the concert for art workshops. Tell your own story of resistance and resilience through flamenco, rhythm, and poster-making.

Concert starts at 1pm

Art workshops at 3:30pm

Flamenco Workshop: Julia Patinella leads this workshop in both Spanish and English! Learn about the roots of Flamenco, a dance and music style born from oppression and resistance, cross cultural migration, and celebration. Build rhythms and melodies using body percussion, clapping and stomping. No prior experience needed, just bring yourself!

Music Workshop: Join Farid Johnson and Viktor See Yuen for a rhythm, story, and song workshop. Participants will create a communal musical and storytelling experience building off the pulse of the heart which connects us all. Everyone will share thoughts and lyrics that will be compiled into a unique piece of music. Come prepared to sing and create!

Peace, Protest and Posters Workshop: Using inspiration from Emory Douglas and Favianna Rodriguez participants will make a poster that highlights a social justice issue that is important to them. We will discuss representation, miss-representation and how both of these artists re-framed perspectives of self and others through their artwork.

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