Event - Social Justice and Human Rights through the Arts

Social Justice and Human Rights through the Arts

08.12.21, 6:00 pm

This workshop will explore a relevant topic in the times in which we are living and that also falls within the dynamics of the Queens Museum’s Year of Uncertainty.


With all of the changes throughout the world, it is important to remain focused on empowering ourselves and each other to creatively seek avenues that advance social justice and human rights through the arts. Throughout history, artists have used their abilities to be thought-intriguing in order to shine a light on current challenges. In this workshop, you will learn about various examples of how artists have made an impactful difference socially for various causes, such as racial justice, religious freedom and tolerance, AIDS awareness, and women’s rights.


Educator: Rinor Jani, is currently serving as a Pathways To Peace Representative to the United Nations and works on nuclear disarmament advocacy and migrant and refugee rights. He also serves on the UN Department of Global Communications Youth Steering Committee and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Rights.