Event - Sacred Space Symposium

Sacred Space Symposium

04.25.15, 1:00 pm

What is a Sacred Space and what elements create it? Are there architectural and stylistic details that help unify multiple traditions? Join a panel discussion of local spiritual and religious figures exploring the diverse history of religious pluralism in Queens. The discussion will be followed by an open meditation in the Sacred Space—Triangle structure.


A crew of natural builders and participants in Social Practice Queens (a collaboration between Queens College and the Queens Museum) have collaborated to create a non-denominational, communally-occupied sacred space in the “triangle area” of the Queens Museum. Using principles of sacred geometry and social practice, this space is a unifying sanctuary for people from all beliefs. It was constructed using locally-harvested maple wood from the Hudson Valley and is accompanied by a series of projected photographs representing cross cultural religious symbols.


Seth Aylmer, Scott Braun, Gina Minielli are members of SPQ, whose Sacred Space—Triangle is a first-time collaboration. With Aylmer a video artist, painter, and sculptor; Braun a sculptural furniture-maker; and Minielli an established photographer, each participant has a separate practice which contributes to the larger work.


The Sacred Spaces design/build crew consists of Jeff Gagnon, Ben Berton, Larry Healy, Alejandro Velazquez, and Claudio Stalling.