Event - Queens International 2016 Open Studio

Queens International 2016 Open Studio

07.10.16, 11:00 am

Please join Ayham Ghraowi, designer of the website and catalogue for Queens International 2016, for a print-on-demand workshop using a risograph onsite. A low-cost duplicator often used in lieu of offset printing, a risograph print’s textural quality sits somewhere between a silkscreen and a xerox copy, giving digitally formatted content a uniquely physical property. During the workshop, Ghraowi will demonstrate how the website he developed will generate the printed catalogue. Participants will be able to take home selected pages of the catalogue that they have customized by composing and printing graphic elements in the risograph duplicating process.

More about the Queens International 2016 multi-outlet publishing platform: Responding to the increasingly intertwined relationship of printed and digital media today, Queens International 2016 features a model of publishing and distribution that develops into its maturity through post-opening contributions by the participating artists’ interaction among themselves and with external respondents. An evolving web platform will generate a print-on-demand publication that will incorporate content authored over the course of the exhibition. The website—serving as a living hub for documentation, artist interviews, short-form writing, and commentary from wide-ranging respondents—will in turn comprise a publication that can either be printed onsite at the exhibition via a risograph, or accessed as a downloadable PDF. In line with the character of Queens International 2016, the risograph duplication process allows the publication to sit somewhere between a silkscreen print and a xerox copy, giving digitally formatted content a uniquely physical property.

Image: Risograph print of the Queens International 2016 logo