Event - Post-Election Meditation

Post-Election Meditation

11.04.20, 4:00 pm

Join us for a guided meditation presented in conjunction with Heather Hart’s rooftop sculpture Oracle of the Twelve Tenses, currently on view as part of After the Plaster Foundation, or, “Where can we live?”. As we prepare for the conclusion of a high intensity election season, and the uncertainty that may remain after all the ballots are cast, the Queens Museum welcomes our community to join us for a socially distanced moment of reflection, grounding, and replenishment led by Tiffani R. Moore.


Please note that this event will be capped at 25 participants. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own mat and arrive 15 minutes early. Masks are mandatory for all Queens Museum visitors. Event details are subject to change due to COVID-19 guidelines for our area.


To join from home via livestream, tune in here. ASL interpretation will be provided for livestream attendees.

Tiffani R. Moore is the Founder and Owner of Moore WellBeings (formerly A Bitt Moore Wellness) in addition to Intuitive Healer & Coach. Attuned Reiki Practioner, 300Hour certified Yin and 26+2 (Bikram) yoga instructor, BreathWork, and MNDFL certified Meditation Facilitator. Before making her mark in the world of wellness, Tiffani spent 15+ years building an award-winning career as a Creative Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist.


In late 2012 she was diagnosed with SLE Lupus, suffering from a bevy of different symptoms ranging from loss of rotation in her joints to hair loss and brain fog. Moore followed her intuition and began to study the power of alternative therapies including meditation, yoga, and herbal medicine, and many of the healing practices she utilizes with clients now.


After years of applied research Moore is grateful to be healthy and symptom-free, ‘healing’ and connecting to the truest version of Self, became a regular part of daily life. Possessing a great veneration for this work, she knew that everything she learned was not only for her healing, but it was also for the healing of people all over the world.


Fueled by her devotion to exploring her physical, emotional, and spiritual healing as well as her 15+ years in Creative industries Tiffani founded Moore WellBeings (formerly A Bitt Moore Wellness); a boutique wellness organization focused on creating safe space for marginalized communities to explore various holistic wellness modalities. Allowing minds and hearts to open up to creative forms of healing and the freedom of self-expression.