Event - Opera Pomme Rouge presents “Hansel and Gretel”

Opera Pomme Rouge presents “Hansel and Gretel”

10.09.16, 1:30 pm

Come take a journey into the magic forest with Hansel and Gretel. If you lose your way, a good fairy will help you, and if you’re lucky, a gingerbread house awaits you! Can you guess who is waiting inside? This interactive production includes the opportunity for you to learn songs and dances and use homemade props—including strawberries and flowers—to participate in the show. You never know when Hansel and Gretel might come up to you to ask for your help, and you may even have the chance to play the part of the Witch during the second act, complete with a witch hat, cape, and broom!

1:30PM: Props-making workshop
2:00PM: The show starts!​

Admission free, no RSVP required. 

Cast & Crew:

Hansel:  Magda Gartner
Gretel: Aine Hakamatsuka
Mother/Witch: Jennifer Noel
Sandman: Hirona Amamiya
Echos: Jennifer Allenby, Elyse Anne Kakacek,
Perri Sussman, Emily Geller
Music Director; Ishmael Wallace
Music Director Assistant: Naoko Aita
Technical Designer: Takaaki Ando
Stage Manager: Hitomi Akuzawa
Production Designer: Maria Torffield
Props Designer: Kanako Nagayama
Hair & Make-up Designer: Mayumi Maeda
Lighting Designer: Marie Yokoyama
Costume Designer/Production Director Assistant: Mizuko Kaji
Graphic Designer: Akihiko Watanabe
Administration: Aya Dei
Production assistant: Hitomi Akuzawa
Director: Anna Etsuko Tsuri

About Opera Pomme Rouge
Opera Pomme Rouge was launched in 2015 in NYC. Opera Pomme Rouge’s mission is to provide a new engaging opera experience for diverse audiences without regard to income, age or cultural background, to bring opera for free or at a significantly reduced price into communities that might never have experienced an opera, and to promote artistic excellence and life enrichment through artistic education and professionally managed high level operatic performances. Opera Pomme Rouge has 1 to 3 full staged and semi-staged performances each year, It also has a Young Artists Program that offers career development opportunities for young professional singers, coaches/pianists and stage directors/stage managers, as well as master classes taught by European and other guest teachers.

Note: Audience and volunteer performers may be filmed and photographed for archival purposes of Opera Pomme Rouge.