02.17.18, 1:00 pm

An immigrant woman stands in the middle of a street in Chinatown. Her gaze is up towards the sunlight and her hands are placed confidently on her hips. She is wearing a teal, pleated, sleeveless blouse, a grey skirt, and grey cardigan with a hood partly draped over her head. Behind her is a number of street signs in English and Chinese.

On View Feb 17 – March 18, 2018


Opening Reception: Saturday, Feb 17, 1-4pm featuring community conversation around immigrant women, with food and beverages, and exclusive book signing.



Statistics do not tell the story of immigration. People do. Women do.


Each immigrant story is a combination of determination, hope, and challenges. It is more important than ever to share our stories; our stories as immigrants, our stories as women, stories through which we can understand better, and celebrate, the diversity and commonality of human experience.



Real People. Real Lives. Women Immigrants of New York is a unique nonprofit-artist partnership between New Women New Yorkers and Dru Blumensheid aka BUMESI.


The exhibit features art and fashion photographs of 16 young immigrant women in iconic NYC spots and neighborhoods, together with audio recordings of their stories and video montages. It shows a nuanced and multi-layered picture of the immigrant women who make NYC their home, of the barriers and isolation they experience, and of the hopes, dreams, and talents they bring with them.


The exhibit seeks to reduce misconceptions and prejudice about the faces and voices of immigrant women, and aspires to raise public awareness and create positive dialogue about immigrants, and about women.


It is also important, in the current political climate and times in the United States, to give a platform for immigrant women to share their perspective, as immigrants, and as women, about their future in the United States, and the future of the country itself.



About our photographer, Dru Blumensheid aka BUMESI


Dru Blumensheid aka BUMESI is an Australian American filmmaker and photographer. She also works in dance, fashion design, video art, sculpture and sound. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007 and then pursued her art in Melbourne, Australia, Mexico City and then on to New York City. She also works within an international creative platform called the BUMESI Collective, working with everyday people, models, artists and dancers within her films, photography and sculptures. She has exhibited at Art Basel, The World Trade Center, The Harlem Film Festival, the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania and Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice.


About New Women New Yorkers


New Women New Yorkers, founded in 2014, is the only nonprofit organization in New York City dedicated to empowering young immigrant women.


We believe in the vast potential that every young immigrant woman coming to New York has to contribute to our city, regardless of her national origin, cultural background, or educational level. We offer young immigrant women with a safe space and transformative learning environment, where they can gain self-confidence, job readiness and leadership skills, and build a unique community and network of support.


Visit the website and blog of New Women New Yorkers to learn more about the organization’s vision and programs.