Event - NNY Mentoring Program Workshop

NNY Mentoring Program Workshop

07.29.17, 1:00 pm

Let’s celebrate together this Saturday July the 29th at the Unisphere Gallery-Queens Museum the end of The Mentoring Program workshop. A  four month long mentoring program that was held during the Spring and Summer of 2017.  The Mentoring Program consisted of two artists mentors along with five mentees living in the Queens Borough, ages range from 30 to 80 years old. The form of the meetings between mentors and mentees included home visits, museums tour, artist studios visits or meetings over lunch breaks at cafe and parks.


Nancy Yang’s work focuses on using weaving as a form of writing and drawing. In these four months, Nancy created six pieces of sculptural painting with yarn.  She took us on a trip through cultural revolutions and labor reform in China.  Also discussed her life as writer and informed us the reason why she went from a journalist writer to a weaver.

Maritza Wu’s presentation includes a book, a film, and a dining table. The work explored her cultural identity as a Chinese growing up in Colombia.  Taking us through her favorite folktales, preferences of color and experiences in both cultures. She experimented different mediums to express the contrast and clash in her upbringing.

Maria Canela‘s book focuses on the stories of Latino women and immigrants in America who were survivors of domestic violence. During these four months, she planned to finalize the final draft of her first book, design a cover, have a crowd-funded campaign and self-published it in Spanish.

Dominic Wong’s short film is called “My Tai Chi Story”. In 2014, Dominic took a Tai Chi class in Hong Kong. He then returned to the U.S. and continued to practice it in a neighborhood park in Queens.

Susan Lau   has recollected all the sweet and sour moments in building a primary school in Hong Kong and has written them all down in her Memoirs.

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Free program for all age
No preregistration required