Event - Making Community Story Quilts

Making Community Story Quilts

07.28.19, 1:00 pm

Please join us for the culminating closing event of Making Community Story Quilts, an exhibition organized by the Queens Memory Project and artist Naomi Kuo for the Queens Museum’s Community Partnership Exhibition Program.

On Sunday, July 28th, from 1-3pm, Queens Memory Project will host Memory Kaleidoscope: a visual storytelling card game for sharing stories about the big and small moments that shape us.

Memory Kaleidoscope brings communities together; whether it’s played by families, lifelong friends, or total strangers, to foster empathy through personal stories. The game is most rewarding to those who listen with an open heart and curious mind. Whether you’ve known them for 5 minutes, or 50 years, we hope it will encourage you to share deeply and strengthen the connections you have.
Memory Kaleidoscope is a project of Design Dream Lab, a Design thinking collective where dreamers contribute to making a positive impact in their communities. Design Dream Lab is working in partnership with Urban Memory Project and Queens Public Library with support from Aquent.
Making Community Story Quilts displays the products of workshops held in 2017 (Memories of Migration) and 2018 (Common Thread) that platformed memories of migration through storytelling and fabric arts. The resulting individual and collectively elaborated story quilts are embedded with recorded oral histories, inviting viewers to actively engage and explore the imagery and recordings. Common Thread was facilitated by Social Practice Queens (SPQ) student Naomi Kuo and Queens Memory in Flushing, Queens, bringing together diverse community members to explore the combination of textile arts, storytelling, skill sharing, and technology. Illustrations of the technological component of the work is part of the exhibited materials.

The workshops were funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services as part of the Queens Public Library’s “Memories of Migration” series and by the Fan Fox Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, with generous supplies from Materials for the Arts. Additional funding was also provided by Social Practice Queens.