Event - LiVEART.US


03.24.19, 2:00 pm

LiVEART.US, Performance Art initiative created and organized by artist, and independent curator, Hector Canonge, continues its Spring 2019 season program of performances featuring artists and one collective from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Under the theme “Explorations,” this month’s program focuses on individual or collective examinations of Self, investigations of states of Being or Becoming, and approaches to identity paradoxes. Guest artists will present selected works and introduce various modalities of Live Action Art.


is platform established to support and feature works by local, national, and international artists working in Performance Art and its diverse manifestations. Created and organized by interdisciplinary artist, Hector Canonge, LiVEART.US features works where the body, as main instrument for artistic creation and expression, is the catalyst for sensorial experiences, cultural interpretation, and critical reflection. The program’s main objective is to further support the creation and presentation of new works in Live Action Art in an environment suitable for reflection and dialogue. LiVEART.US follows and complements the monthly program TALKaCTIVE initiated by Canonge in September 2015. Since its inception in 2016, LiVEART.US has presented the work of artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, ages, gender, and national origin creating a dynamic structure and an international network for the exploration, experimentation and execution of Live Art practices.

About the artists:

Alexandra Lake is a contemporary artist residing in NYC. She studied fine arts and received her undergraduate degree concentrating in printmaking from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. She works primarily in mixed media, collages, assemblages and performance.  Her work demonstrates a continuing interest in the emotive potential of objects. Driven by a motivation to trap, to wander undirected through antiquarian holdings, junk yards, scrap shops, family storage, and old portfolios, she finds the things that match a nervous frequency. The most decisive art tools she possesses are found items. Attracted to certain qualities, what she collects begins to determine an atmosphere that she reacts to by combining, layering, ripping, sewing, manipulating, and marking.  She builds on the impulse brought on by the initial item, form, and concept until she has reached a point of personal satiation with the work.


Bridget Moreen Leslie is an Australian born, Brooklyn based installation artist and curator with a focus on video, sound, and installation. Her interest lies in the collapse of both spatial and psychological barriers between class, architecture, noise, image, location, and body language. She received her BFA from Sydney University’s, Sydney College of the Arts in December, 2014 and received her MFA Fine Arts with Honors from Parsons School of Design in May, 2017. She has curated shows such as Un-Object {Post-Objective Perspective}, founded an art salon series in NYC, and worked at many galleries across NYC. She is currently writing a manuscript that explores the paradoxical nature of Non-Spaces through a series of essays on subjects such as: Non-Wealth, AI celebrities, Ideological State Apparatuses and Bitcoin. Other projects include the Non-Space Network an ongoing, online, archive of audience submitted and personal photos taken across the globe from post-Maria, Puerto Rico to the China-Pakistan border and Non-Wealth currently on view at the National Humanities Center. Her work has been shown internationally in Australia, the United States of America, and South Korea.


Christian Bujold works as a performance artist, teacher and curator. Based in Montreal (CAN), he has presented his work locally (Québec city-Montreal) and in multiples international festivals as well, like TIME in Den Haag (Netherlands), Performance Crossing in Prague (Czech Republic), M:ST8 in Calgary (Canada), CIPAF (Cyprus), Visualeyez in Edmonton (Canada), 7a*11d in Toronto (Canada), Exist-ence 5 in Brisbane (Australia), Viva! Art Action in Montreal (Canada) among other occasions in Spain, Greece, United-States and Finland. He is president of the board of DARE DARE artist run center in Montreal, that support and produce new art practices in public spaces. Furthermore, he is an administrator on the board of Viva! Art Action performance festival where he also acted as a curator for the last two editions. He obtained his master’s degree in visual and media art in 2011.


Rebecca Fitton is an improviser, facilitator, and citizen. Her art practice engages communities through conversation and movement. Her movement experiments have been presented in New York City at Gibney, Movement Research, Chez Bushwick, Staten Island Arts, and Triskelion Arts in addition to various galleries and non-traditional spaces across New York, New Jersey, Florida, Wisconsin, and Salzburg, Austria. She has been an Artist-in-Residence at Center Space in Grand Rapids, MI and currently works administratively with Pentacle, Edisa Weeks/DELIRIOUS Dances and Will Rawls. Fitton holds a BFA in Dance from Florida State University.


Colby Cannon Welsh is based in New York City. His multidisciplinary visual art work includes and combines performance, video, object, color and installation. Colby has installed, exhibited and curated gallery and publicly displayed his art extensively in Australia. His work has been shown in the United States, Germany, Hong Kong and Poland.


About the curator:

Hector Canonge (Founder and director of LiVEART.US) is an interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, and cultural entrepreneur based in New York City. His work incorporates the use of new media technologies, cinematic narratives, Live Action Art, and Social Practice to explore and treat issues related to constructions of identity, gender roles, and the politics of migration. Challenging the white box settings of a gallery or a museum, or intervening directly in public spaces, his performances mediate movement, endurance, and ritualistic processes. Some of his actions and carefully choreographed performances involve collaborating with other artists and interacting with audiences. His installations, interactive platforms, and performance art work have been exhibited and presented in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.


As cultural entrepreneur, Canonge created and runs the annual Performance Art Festival of NYC, ITINERANT, started ARTerial Performance Lab (APLAB), a transcontinental initiative to foster collaboration among performance artists from the Americas, and directs his independent programs: PERFORMEANDO, a program that focuses on featuring Hispanic performance artists living in the United States and Europe, PERFORMAXIS, an international residency program in collaboration with galleries and art spaces in Latin America. . After living most of his life in the United States, Canonge returned to South America in 2012, and lived abroad for almost 3 years. The artist returned to New York City in late 2015 to continue with the development and execution of new projects, exhibitions, and initiatives among them: TALKaCTIVE, LiVEART.US, and CONVIVIR the international residency program at MODULO 715. In 2017, Canonge launched the performance art platform, NEXUS, premiered during Miami Art Basel, and worked in the development of LATITUDES, the International Performance Art Festival of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, presented in Bolivia (2018 and 2019). He is currently at work in the development of AUSTRAL, Performance Art Festival Buenos Aires (April 23-27) in Argentina, and ITINERANT Performance Art Festival NYC (May 22-27) in the United States.