Event - Is it Possible to Amend an Unequal System?

Is it Possible to Amend an Unequal System?

10.01.21, 6:30 pm

As part of the Year of Uncertainty, artist collaborators Tali Keren & Alex Strada are creating a new multi-media participatory artwork called Proposal for a 28th Amendment? Is it Possible to Amend an Unequal System? The project centers on imagined amendments to the U.S. Constitution, which will be gathered through public workshops co-led with Queens-based community partners and legal scholars, and by direct participation from viewers. These imagined amendments and other responses to the project’s questions will then be emitted through a range of accessible soapboxes that function as listening stations.


Year of Uncertainty Community Partner Malikah will be hosting a healing justice circle within the installation, where our communities will engage in a trauma-informed discussion about our thoughts on the reflection question. Participants will have the option to record their thoughts as well, and potentially have their reflections featured in the installation! There will also be tea, refreshments, community building, and an opportunity to explore the Year of Uncertainty library within the museum.


What is Malikah Healing Justice?:
Healing justice is about recognizing the ways that violence and trauma impact our bodies and our communities, and that it takes intentional healing, unlearning and relearning to be able to navigate our institutionally oppressive world in a way that could allow us to step into our power.



This event is open to all women and gender expansive people, and will intentionally aim to center the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and people of color.


*Due to NYS guidelines, you must show proof of vaccination to attend. Admission is free! Masks and social distancing will be required.


If you have any questions, please reach out to movement@malikah.org


Malikah is a global collective of women and nonbinary people committed to building safety and power for ourselves and our communities. Over the past ten years, we have conducted healing spaces and trained over 20,000 people in thirty cities across the globe in self-defense, economic empowerment, and organizing. Together, we are building a global grassroots movement.