Event - From Gulf To Gulf To Gulf Film Screening

From Gulf To Gulf To Gulf Film Screening

03.07.15, 4:00 pm

As part of the exhibition After Midnight Indian Modernism To Contemporary India 1947/1997, we will be showing the following video on a loop in our theater at the dates & times listed below.

CAMP (Collaborating since 2007 Mumbai, India)
From Gulf To Gulf To Gulf, 2013
Video installation
83 mins

This film is a result of four years of dialogue, friendship and exchange between CAMP and a group of sailors from Kutch, who come to Sharjah often. Their travels and those of co-seafarers from Sindh, Baluchistan and Southern Iran show us a world cut into many pieces, not easily bridged by nostalgics or nationalists. Instead, the artist's follow the physical crossings made by these groups of people who make and sail boats and who also make videos, sometimes with songs married to them. A boat has many powers: to gather a society in its making, to distribute goods, to carry people and ideas across places that, it seems to us, are more different than ever before. The phrase "€œBoat modes"€ is a useful term used to express the peculiar and flexible ways in which these boats are manifest in the Western Indian Ocean. But it also has other possibilities; such as to follow Bruno Latour in asking a question "€œin a way that a specific kind of agency appears."€ A matter of tone, or key. Or to create further paths from these boats' continued expansion of categories such as "€œsovereign"€, "€œpirate"€, "€œcontainer"€, "€œfree trade"€, "€œmoney"€, and "€œwork"€ at such points where known maritime histories and economics seem to say: "€œEnd!"€ Modes appear at the intersection of forces and environments, and are arranged here in the shape of the constellation Pleiades, or Thurayya in Gujarati and Arabic navigation maps. They accompany a film that takes us on a journey from the Gulf of Kutch in India to the U.A.E. to Somali ports, and back.

Dates of Screenings

March 7th Saturday 4-7pm (Opening Day)

ALL OTHERS 130-530pm

March 2015

March 20th Friday
March 21st Saturday
March 27th Friday

April 2015

April 3rd Friday
April 10th Friday
April 17th Friday
April 18th Saturday
April 24th Friday

May 2015

May 1st Friday
May 8th Friday
May 15th Friday
May 16th Saturday
May 22nd Friday
May 29th Friday

June 2015

June 5th Friday
June 12th Friday
June 19th Friday
June 20th Saturday
June 26th Friday
June 28th Sunday (Closing Day)