Event - El Trifinio

El Trifinio

05.17.15, 1:00 pm

No Home Gallery is eager to present the culmination of a three-part performance piece, entitled "El Trifinio” by Sebastián Milla and María León. El Trifinio is a pop-up, utopian country at the locus of three borders; an individual, the space, and the people they are sharing it with.

Come Participate In The Wonders of El Trifinio! In El Trifinio, we practice the long-standing tradition of body art as a means of understanding each other better, known colloquially as trifinidad. In 2013, National Geographic documented one of our rituals, calling the process,” an incredibly intimate, breath-taking process that combines story-telling and art in one distinctly human experience.” If you enter Trifinio on May 17th, 2015, you will be able to witness trifinidad firsthand and, if you so choose, participate in a guided walkthrough of how to do it yourself!

Satisfy Your Wanderlust: Why spend thousands of dollars to fly to other countries when you can experience the wealth of culture you have living next door? As your friendly neighborhood territory, El Trifinio is the accessible, exotic getaway you have been looking for as an escape from your humdrum everyday "American” experience!

Become A Citizen In Seconds! Don’t have a passport? Don’t have the time to fill out a visa? No problem! As a country of immigrants founded within a country of immigrants, Trifinio keeps a relaxed immigration policy focused on getting to know you as a person rather than a number. Stop by, answer a couple of questions, and get your passport right at the door!

Artist Bios

María León is a Chilean artist based in New York City, working with tattoo, photography and performance. León’s work focuses on topics ranging from public art, pedagogy and social practice research. Since 2012, León has been the Pedagogical coordinator in the art and education Project Taller Nube in Santiago, Chile.

Sebastián Milla is a Peruvian, American- born art-activist and musician. A staunch advocate for policy advances in reproductive justice, immigration and education reform, Milla is constantly exploring methods of opening up difficult conversations and medicine stories in performance spaces. Milla is currently a Programs Officer at PCI Media Impact.

Victoria Manganiello is an Italian, Jewish, American-born artist and the founder and director of No Home Gallery, a nomadic arts space dedicated to providing visibility to innovative and educational artistic projects produced by teams of artists, curators and hosts. Manganiello lives and works in New York City and is a practicing textile artist.