Event - Book Launch: The Social Life of Artistic Property

Book Launch: The Social Life of Artistic Property

05.17.14, 5:30 pm

Join Queens Museum Studio Artist Caroline Woolard in Studio #5 to celebrate the launch of the new publication, The Social Life of Artistic Property.

What happens when twelve artists gather to discuss the relationship between art and property? In twenty meetings over two and a half years, the core group of Pablo Helguera, Michael Mandiberg, William Powhida, Amy Whitaker and Caroline Woolard birthed this provocative volume. The group produced three pieces of writing about experiments in group living and three proposals for the future of artistic property, including initiatives that reimagine studio space, living space, and artwork. The group is grateful for contributions to this conversation by many others, especially Lise Soskolne and Peter Walsh, whose contributions are published elsewhere. Bound together, here is a record of the group’s research and an invitation to consider the forgotten histories and plausible futures of the social life of artistic property.