Event - An Inclusive World Presentations and Multidisciplinary Workshops

An Inclusive World Presentations and Multidisciplinary Workshops

11.15.13, 10:00 am

10:00 "€“ 11:30am

Presentations by:

The good school Co-founders Emily Brink and Laura Bellmont
Juan morel campos school Art Teacher Denise Martine
Weaving hand Founder and Director Cynthia Alberto

Multidisciplinary Art Workshops 11:40 am -1:00 pm

Puppetry Making Through Re-Usable Materials
AHRC NYC Dramaturgy Specialist and Choreographer Oleg Ovcharenko
Using recycled items, instruction of character making in preliminary stages will be done. Character making will show how a set (a space) is defined through figurative subjects. The fundamentals of puppetry making will be demonstrated through the instruction of making a monkey head and a bird. Images and video of the puppetry play "€œCrocodile in Love"€ will be shown to provide a comprehensive overview of the art of puppetry. Ages 10 and older.

Mandalas: Create a Cosmic Space
Art/Pathways (of Pathways to Housing Inc) Teaching and Exhibiting artist of An Inclusive World Juan Nolasco
Juan Nolasco will briefly discuss the history and various spiritual intentions on mandalas and participants can begin to make their own. From the time our ancestors began making cave drawings and setting up giant structures like Stonehenge they were expressing a connection to the earth and the cosmos. One of the most frequent symbols we find are circles and one reason for this is the sun, moon and planets are all spheres, which travel in a circular pattern so that it begins where it ends and becomes the symbol for eternity.

Decoupage Public Spaces
COPE NYC Teaching & Exhibiting Artist of An Inclusive World exhibition Beth Beyer
Using scraps of papers Beth Beyer creates a cohesive decoupage of images that celebrates public spaces. Decoupage is a craft the artist often utilizes to create wonderful rich detailed surfaces on three dimensional objects.

Reclaim your Public and Personal Space
Juan Morel Campos Secondary School
High school students will give a workshop on creating personalized mats reclaiming public and personal spaces. Workshop is for all ages but focus is for young children.

Animate Your Space
The Good School Co-founders Emily Brink and Laura Bellmont
With one material animators work to create a short film that shares their unique concept of community. Using the concept of community / neighborhood as a thematic jumping off point, participants hone their skills as fine artists and stop motion animators while focusing on one main material: Paper. Animators work to create a short film that shares their unique concept of community. Though the material choice is limited, the adaptation of these materials will be unique to each artists approach. Ages 8 and older can participate.

Collaborative Printmaking and Collographs of Public Spaces
Teaching Artist Emily Jingst
Teaching artist Emily Jingst will lead a workshop where participants will work together to create a large collagraph of a public space using a combination of printmaking and collagraphs techniques. This combination provides dynamic tonal and color effects through the processes and the various materials used. Appropriate for teenagers and older.

Paper & Cardboard Spaces
Lorraine Rilling
Teaching artist Lorraine Riling will instruct students to explore spaces by building a community out of paper and cardboard. Participants will have the opportunity to use their imagination to become architects to their own small spaces. Ages 8 and older.

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