Queens International 2004

The second installment of Queens International attempts to take the pulse of the artistic climate of the nation’s most ethnically diverse locale. Featuring 52 artists and two collaboratives, Queens International 2004 presents a dazzling array of work produced by artists working or living in the borough. Established and emerging artists working in a broad spectrum of tradtional and unorthodox media represent a vital artistic community that is evolving on a daily basis.

Queens International 2004 celebrates the richness of the work born in the borough as well as the artists who create it. Five continents and countless cultures are represented, as are different generations – artists from 24 to 97 years old are featured. The winding paths that have led these artists to the widespread Queens locations in which they currently base their lives are as fascinating as their work. With newly transplanted “”Rent Gypsies”” from the other side of town, those who have come from the other side of the world, and lifelong Queens natives, the complex, shifting artistic profile of the borough mirrors the everyday state of cosmopolitan Queens in the 21st century.

Queens International 2004 is accompanied by a 24-page fully illustrated catalogue that features essays on Queens and the Queens artists, including “Bury My Soul in the Backyard … Here, No, There, No …” by celebrated Manila-born poet, professor and Jackson Heights resident, Luis H. Francia.

Queens International 2004 is made possible by The Lily Auchincloss Foundation, The Greenwall Foundation, American Center Foundation and the Cowles Charitable Fund.

Artists in Exhibition

Toby Barnes
Isidro Blasco
Paul Branca
Brenda Campos
Hector Canonge www.ciudadtransmobil.net
Michelle Cheikin
Agustin Chung
Cair Crawford
Cui Fei
Hideo Date
Aissa Deebi
Mary Didoardo
Chris Dorland
Matt Ducklo
_Elia Gurna and Benjamin Lam
Michael Estabrook
Michael Ferris, Jr.
Rosemarie Fiore
Free Style Arts
_John Kaiser, Aaron Redlin, Mark Seiltz and
Gregory Vande Hey
Tamara Gubernat
Elia Gurna
Earl Howard
Pascal Jalabert
Shin il Kim
Nicholas Knight
Manauvaskar Kublall
Margaret Lanzetta
Rena Leinberger
Kurt Lightner
Nava Lubelski
Rachel Mackow
China Marks
Gary Matson
Jo Mikals-Adachi
Christopher Miner
Katie Murray
John J. O’Connor
Pierre Obando
Clifford Owens
Eung-Ho Park
Ian Pedigo
Liz Phillips
Polina Porras
Ryan Reggiani
Troy Richards
Minshik Shin
Mike Peter Smith
Liselot van der Heijden
Tom Warren
Louise Weinberg
Rachel White
Haeri Yoo
Zhang Huan

Exhibition Related Programs
For more information, call (718) 592 9700 ext. 132 / 222

Film through Another’s Eyes
Mondays, October 18 – December 20, 2:00 pm
Explore the immigrant experience in the U.S. through films that reflect its ethnic and cultural diversity. All screenings include an introduction and post-film discussion, and are free of charge with QMA admission.

Free Weekend Exhibition Tours
Saturdays and Sundays, 2:00 and 3:00 pm
Let our educators offer insight into the work and artists featured in Queens International 2004.

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