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School Programs

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We provide pre-K-12 students with fun learning experiences that integrate in-depth observation and interpretation of art and historical exhibits, and hands-on art-making activities. All of our school programs emphasize Common Core standards, particularly in English Language Arts and New York City’s Blueprints for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.

  • Tours and workshops We offer tours and workshops about our permanent exhibitions: The Panorama of the City of New York, The Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass, From Watersheds to Faucets: The Marvel of New York City’s Water Supply System, and the World’s Fair. We also offer tours and workshops inspired by our changing exhibitions of international and local artists. Click here for more information on School Tours.
  • Long-term residencies We collaborate with schools to create initiatives specific to the interests, needs, and culture of each school, ranging from multi-year residencies to one-time workshops.
  • Professional development for teachers, administrators and workshops for parents and families. Click here for more information on professional development opportunities.

The Queens Museum is a NYCDOE approved vendor of arts education services.

Contract Number: QR16BK, Vendor Number: QUE033

To download the NYCDOE Arts & Cultural Education Services (ACES) Guide, click here.


Click Here for the School Trip Request Form

Changing Exhibitions

Schools can book guided tours with or without workshop activities in one or more of these changing exhibitions

School Trip Guidelines, Prices, and Policies

The following policies and procedures make it possible for us to accommodate the many schools groups that visit the Queens Museum every day. Teachers and schools that consistently follow these guidelines will be encouraged to return to the Queens Museum every year. While we prefer not to, we also reserve the right to refuse to book schools that repeatedly fail to meet these guidelines. Thank you for your understanding.

All our guided tours and workshops are available as one of three options:

Guided gallery tour: $75/class (1hour)

Gallery tour and gallery art activity: $150/class (1.5 hours)

Guided gallery tour and hands-on art workshop (in art studio): $175/class (2 hours)

Title I schools are eligible for discounted tours and workshops, please contact us directly.


Payment can be made via credit card, Paypal, check, money order, cash or DOE Purchase Order.

If you will be paying by cash, please note we can only accept large bills.

If you need a paper invoice, please contact Margaret Riley at or 718.592.9700 x132 and we will fax, email or mail it to you.

Payment for trips is per class not per student; Please notify all participating teachers.


Each teacher attending a trip must have a copy of his or her confirmation and the invoice.

Reply to your confirmation email confirming the following dates and times at least FOUR WEEKS prior to your scheduled visit to secure your trip.

If we do not receive a reply email at least FOUR WEEKS prior to your scheduled visit, we reserve the right to cancel your trip.


We do our best to be flexible with every school but late cancellations and no-show classes incur significant staffing costs. Schools with outstanding invoices due and schools that repeatedly cancel with late or no notice may be barred from booking trips in the future.

Cancellations must be sent by email to Margaret Riley at at least FOUR WEEKS prior to your scheduled visit.

Your cancellation is only finalized once acknowledged by an email response.

If you need to reschedule (with at least FOUR WEEKS notice), we will make every effort to accommodate a new proposed date, but cannot guarantee a spot, as dates fill up quite quickly.

If you cancel a scheduled trip with less than four weeks notice you will be billed for 50% of the cost of your trip.

If your school fails to attend on the scheduled dates and we haven’t received a cancellation notice, your school is responsible for the full amount of the programs scheduled for that day and may not be permitted to book future trips at the Queens Museum until the invoice is paid.


We request the supervision of ONE ADULT FOR EVERY TEN CHILDREN.

Because we have limited studio and exhibition space, we request an absolute maximum of six adult chaperones per class.

Teachers and other chaperones are required to stay with their groups at ALL TIMES and are responsible for the group’s conduct and behavior.

Your Arrival

If your group is running late, please call the Admissions Desk at 718.592.9700 x233

If your trip is scheduled for 10:30, please be advised we cannot begin the program before the scheduled time.

We do not have a waiting area for classes.

A teacher or group leader should check in with the Museum staff BEFORE children enter the Museum. It is recommended that students remain on the bus until our staff allows admittance since we do not have a waiting area.

We have FREE PARKING for school buses and cars.

Groups arriving more than 20 minutes late may forfeit part of their program, and you may only be offered a Guided Tour without any Studio Workshops or Gallery Activities.

Self-Guided Tours

Suggested donation $50/class, Wednesdays-Fridays, 12 pm-6 pm

Self-guided tours for all exhibitions must be requested and reserved using our trip request form, though they are led by classroom teachers. In order to provide a more focused and constructive experience for your students, we encourage teachers who conduct self-guided tours at our suggested donation rate to have activities prepared for the visit. Feel free to peruse the Museum’s website for the content of exhibitions to provide insight and inspiration for your teaching.

Policies for Self-Guided Tours

  • Students are required to be supervised closely at all times.
  • Students and chaperones must keep 4 feet of space around the art.
  • No touching the artwork, no screaming, loud noises, or running.
  • No food or drink in the galleries.
  • All chaperones should actively engage with students to avoid unfortunate circumstances.
  • Please be considerate of other Museum visitors.
  • Though the Queens Museum is a public institution and we welcome everyone into our doors, we reserve the right to ask groups to leave if they do not comply with Museum guidelines

Plan and Schedule your School Trip

Please make your reservations at least six weeks in advance. Our Tour and Workshop programs reach full capacity early in the school year.

Click Here for the School Trip Request Form

Please note that this form is NOT a confirmation, but only a request for a reservation.

Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis.

Your reservation is not scheduled until you receive written confirmation in the form of an invoice or email.

Please have all of the following information ready when you fill out the request form:

  • The name/number of your school
  • Address of school, phone number of school, home/cell phone number, email address, and school fax number
  • Which collection or exhibition you would like your students to see
  • What type of program you prefer (tour; tour and gallery activity workshop; tour and studio activity)
  • Grade of each class attending
  • The number of classes (max of four classes per day per program)
  • Name and email address of the teacher for each class
  • The number of students in each class (max of 30 students per class)
  • Indicate whether your students are taught in a General Education, ESL or Inclusion classroom
  • Preferred dates of visit (3 options)
  • Any additional information regarding your students’ developmental and academics needs

Note that all fees for school programs are a FLAT FEE and not per child. The complete payment for your trip is due, at the latest, when you arrive for your Museum visit.

If you have any questions, contact Margaret Riley, Education and School Programs Associate, or 718.592.9700 x132.


The Queens Museum Education Department works with our partner schools to create customized residencies that integrate the Museum’s resources into programming that supports the goals of each school community. Residencies can emphasize arts objectives and focus on art technique, art history, and exhibition design or they can mirror classroom instruction and support Common Core academic objectives. Residencies can be project-based or integrated into service learning projects. They can be designed to reach every student in the school community or to strategically target subgroups of students; for example, those not enrolled in art classes or those who might benefit the most from alternative learning experiences and settings. Regardless of the specific program design, the Education Department’s goal is to collaborates with school partners to develop programming that utilizes Museum resources to maximize the benefit to students. These resources include:

  • Diverse and critically acclaimed exhibitions The Museum presents historical exhibitions that speak directly to local and contemporary New York City issues, and cutting-edge, critically acclaimed contemporary art exhibitions and projects that are global in scope. [link to exhibitions page]
  • Extensively-trained and accomplished Teaching Artists and Museum Educators Our roster of Teaching Artists and Educators are carefully selected and receive ongoing professional development and training.
  • Programming that supports academic standards Education programs have been developed to connect Museum experiences with common core literacy standards.
  • Educators experienced with diverse learners and inclusion settings Through nationally recognized ArtAccess programs the Museum supports diverse learners, including English Language Learners, students with emotional, mental, and physical disabilities, and individuals affected by autism.

All our residencies ideally include a minimum of one visit to the Museum and a culminating celebration of student work that can be shown at the school, or in the Museum’s our beautiful sunlit Community Partnership Gallery.

To discuss a school residency, please contact Jennifer Ifil-Ryan, School Programs Manager at 718.592.9700 x139 or