Workshop: Unmapping the World with Clarissa Tossin

In Main Atrium. No fee; Seats are limited, RSVP recommended at

As part of the forthcoming exhibition Bringing the World into the World, the Queens Museum invites families to participate in the workshop led by Brazilian artist Clarissa Tossin.  The workshop is a physically dynamic and intellectually stimulating hands-on art making experience in  collectively creating a new world map by charting their own individual or shared territories on a giant ball “€œplanet”€ made of a room”€“size clumped paper.  The “€œplanet”€ will then be unfolded folded to its original size of 15 x 15 feet to be seen as a map, laying flat on the floor. Participants are encouraged to elaborate on resulting markings with more details.  Segments can be cut free to be taken home by participants at the end of the session.

Unmapping the world (2011) by Clarissa Tossin (b. 1973, Porto Alegre, Brazil) is a series of world map drawn on a balled up blank sheets of tracing paper and unfolded to flat.  The work is included in the current exhibition Bringing the World into the World, and is on view in the Gallery 2.

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