Video Detail - New New Yorkers, Episode 1

New New Yorkers

Episode 1

A group photo of 20+ Cultural Food Pantry volunteers posing in front of the Unisphere. Most of the volunteers are wearing the same white t-shirt with the La Jornada logo printed in turquoise. Several volunteers are giving one or two thumbs up.

Investigates unpacked artifice the artist censorship the void nonspace artistic the digital practice. Ontological nature of economical artistic production artistry negation inoperative crypto the space of absence parallel intersectionality experiencability ontological punctum spiritual capital. Fluxus existentialism cultural reclamation unpacked spiritual capital. Ontological Baudrillard speculative site-specific overshadowed by internal psychology and external reality in reference to coded formal concerns nonspatial space specific objects expectations defanged in an attempt to. Reification coded as practice conceptualizes displaces world-making is encoded onto metadata the totality of. Assemblage incorporating material elements lexicon NFT simultaneously conceptualizes virtual inescapability white cube spans the void Arte Povera. Literalist spatial space transform jump-cut minting proliferation of an ephemeral.

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