Board & Staff - Raphael Adam Miles

Raphael Adam Miles

Institutional Giving Manager

My name is Raphael Miles, I am the Institutional Giving Manager at the Queens Museum. I am a white male with red hair pushed back off of my face and a ginger beard. I have on gold rimmed glasses, black and white Breton style mariniere sweater, standing askance in front of the Queens Museum atrium.

Raphael Adam Miles is responsible for government and foundation partnerships. For a decade, he has worked between New York and Europe in museums and nonprofits. His career is about unleashing the potential of individuals and communities by resourcing people, projects, partnerships and places. Raphael is happiest working with others to achieve a goal that involves bettering individuals, communities and organizations. His proudest past accomplishments include working internationally to develop networks and programs that center marginalized communities including the aging adults, the differently abled, migrants and young citizens. By creating space for a multiple of narratives and celebrating a diversity of experiences, cultures and forms of expertise, through artmaking, exchange and co-creation, Raphael has had the privilege of working with some stellar human beings to do the greatest good we can with where we are at the resources on hand.