Board & Staff - Lynn Maliszewski

Lynn Maliszewski

Assistant Director of Archives and Collections

Lynn is is an olive-skinned female with long brown hair twirled and draped over her right shoulder, brown eyes, and a purple paisley-patterned long sleeve shirt. She is looking at the camera. Behind her is a horizontal metal railing. In the distance there is an empty open space, out of focus, and intense white light.

Lynn Maliszewski, Assistant Director of Archives and Collections, was hired in August 2020. She cares for and manages objects related to the 1939-40 and 1964-65 New York Worlds’ Fairs, the Museum’s art collection, and our institutional history. Before joining the Museum she was an associate director at Callicoon Fine Arts. She has worked in an archival capacity at Andrea Rosen Gallery, Primary Information, and Printed Matter, all in New York City. Maliszewski is an experienced editor and has written for BOMB and The Brooklyn Rail, among others, with an emphasis on artists’ books and archival projects.