Board & Staff - Diana Cabreja

Diana Cabreja

Education Coordinator

Diana is a Latina cis-woman in her mid-20s. Diana is 5 foot 2 inches, wearing a white shirt and dark grey pants. Diana has brown eyes and brown curly hair that is styled straight.

Diana Cabreja joined the Queens Museum in 2022 as Education Coordinator. She works on the development and implementation of educational programming for youth and families. Working closely with the Director of Education, in her role, she also helps shape and carry out the Queens Teens Institute for Art and Social Justice, a series of art and cultural sessions, leadership workshops, community service projects, and education seminars embedded in art and social justice, civic engagement, and activism for teens and young people. Holding an MA in Museum Studies from New York University and prior museum internship experience, Diana’s interests in the field resides within art education, community outreach programming, and cultural consulting by means to increase institutional accountability and meaningful engagement.