Board & Staff - Anwarii Musa

Anwarii Musa

Board Member

A photo of Anwarii Mussa sitting on a wooden bench. He has brown skin, a shaved head, and a black beard. He is wearing a gray suit over a dark brown shirt, a silver watch, striped socks and brown leather shows.

Anwarii Musa is a Curator, Advisor and has worked on many major art projects. With his exceptional and diverse skills in the arts, he brings over a decade worth of experience in contemporary art in advising collections and acquisitions from across the country.


Queens native, born in Jamaica Queens. Musa started in the art industry interning at Sotheby’s in 2008 and landed a full-time position where he worked for the contemporary department until 2013. The experience and knowledge he retained from Sotheby’s continues to follow him to this day.


In 2014, Musa started his advisory company ArtMatic Advisory as a private Art consultant, His practice include, Advising clients on acquisitions for private and public collections, estate planning and execution, Collection Management and public relations. Since then he has worked directly with world renowned artists, collectors, dealers and Museums in building a vast and trusted network.