Queens Teens Institute Programs

A group of teens are creating artwork pieces at the Queens Museum

Photo by Kuo-Heng Huang

Through a series of art-making workshops, leadership seminars, community service projects and professional development training, members will gain experience as artists and leaders. They will also gain access to networks, institutions and mentors that will support their growth and practice.





Leadership Seminar Series


Image: Angelo Baque at the Queens Museum


Our Leadership Seminar Series spotlights prominent individuals from various fields to share stories of their professional and personal journeys with our Leadership Cohort, while breaking the barriers of what leadership looks like.


Recent Leadership Seminar Speakers:


  • Angelo Baque, Queens Museum Board Member and Founder of Awake New York
  • Heryte T. Tequame, Queens Museum Director of Communications and Digital Projects
  • Lynn Maliszewski, Queens Museum Assistant Director of Archives and Collections



Art Workshops



Image: Zine Workshop



Our Art Workshops allow Leadership Cohort members the possibility to cultivate a brave-space where they can express themselves through visual art, performance art or written word.



Professional Development Trainings


Our Professional Development Trainings provide our Leadership Cohort members the opportunity to gain direct insight, knowledge and experience to foster and aid their professional growth.



Recent trainings led by:

  • Christine Jeanjaquet, Founder of the August Tree Inc. and Manager of the Queens Museum Gift Shop
  • Gabriela Peralta, Queens Museum Communications and Marketing Coordinator
  • Tiffany Tong, Queens Museum Graphic Designer



Community Service Projects



Image: Lunar New Year 2023 Art Workshops. Photo: Kuo-Heng Huang.



Our Community Service projects are designed to empower our Leadership Cohort members with service focused projects & opportunities to give back to their local communities both near and far.