Guardians of Flushing Bay

A group of adults, of different races, crowd together to pose for a photo. The ones standing in the center, are holding up a map of Flushing Bay. Another adult kneeling down on the left, is holding up a Guardians of Flushing Bay gray crewneck sweatshirt. Everyone is dressed in cozy attire and many of them are wearing lime green reflective vests.

Photo: Courtesy of Guardians of Flushing Bay

Guardians of Flushing Bay (GoFB) is a coalition of human-powered boaters, park users, and local residents advocating for a healthy and equitably accessible Flushing Waterways. In close collaboration with residents, community organizers, and leaders in their watershed communities, GoFB accomplishes their goals through family-friendly waterfront programming, community science and stewardship, and grassroots organizing.