Past Exhibitions - Page 7

A bulletin board with text and images. At the top in large letters reads “Team Opportunity” in three languages. Below that are call out boxes with community questions and an inspiration mood board.
The entrance to the Queens Museum against a blue, day-time sky. “Queens Museum” is spelled out in silver signage across the top of the building. Hanging below the sign and above the front doors is a color photograph portrait of a Chinese man. He is posing against a white backdrop and wearing a white button up.
A black, title slide with the phrase “The Faces Of” in lime green, block font. Below that reads “ISLAM” also in block letters. Within each letter is a color photograph portrait of people of different genders. They are dressed in western wear and traditional clothings. Some of them are also holding a Quran.
A color photograph of a pavilion shaped like an engine. Notably there is a giant, white, propeller on the front side of the building. Down at the street is a crowd of visitors.
A sculpture installation on a grayish-brown exhibition floor. The installation is made up of construction materials including thin pieces of wood, a concrete wall, metal pipes and fencing. The materials are loosely linked together to create uncontained spaces and walkways.
A static gray, urban planning poster. At the center, in a diagonal slant, is a black and white, three-dimensional map of a housing development. In the top left,in white font, is the title “Reviewing Renewal”. In the opposite corner is the date, in white font, reading “ Jan 11 - Feb 8”. At the bottom are sponsor logos for “596 Acres”, “Partner & Partners”, and “Mapzen”.
Two side by side portraits of femme presenting adults. The portrait on the left is a color photograph. A cool light shines over the subject’s face which is emerging from a black background. They have blond hair with black roots, arched and painted eyebrows, and a pink lip. They are wearing studs, a nose ring, and a few gold necklaces. The portrait on the right is a black and white photograph and from the hip up. The subject has their face tilted up as if they are basking in the sun. Their eyes are closed and are wearing makeup, dangle earrings, a big jeweled necklace, and a sleeveless, printed dress. Their hair is straight and lightly framing their face.
A black and white photograph of Louis Armstrong cheesin’ his pearly whites. His gaze is towards another camera lens. Behind him is a row of police officers. Together, with a crowd of onlookers, they are captured standing. While the police officers are on the curb, Louie is crouching up out of a parked convertible, filled with seated passengers.
An abstract illustration of a cityscape. Emerging from the center of a skyline, city traffic drives out from the base of a religious deity’s neck. The deity has blue hair and is half human, half mechanical. Its earlobes droop down to where its shoulders would be, by the weight of earrings made out of a Home Depot, and Best Buy sign. Pink, blue, and green clouds and white zigzags line the road filled with cars and yellow taxis.
An illustration of a long, skinny, wooden table that stretches the entire composition. Seated in the center is the Dalai Lama attended by 6 monks on each side. His center position is reemphasized by their gazes. The illustration is textured by tiny stippling. Behind the monks, dressed in colorful garb, is a golden yellow structure filled with tiny statues of deities.
A black and white side profile photograph of a White woman against a plain backdrop. The woman occupies the left side of the frame. Her gaze is down and one hand up is squeezing her shoulder. Her hair is dark, full, wavy and brushed back. She has a couple freckles on her cheek, a nose ring, and a lip piercing.
An exhibition room with a giant sculpture of a male head on a black stand. The sculpture is black with large specs of color marbled in. Behind the sculpture is a wooden bench, placed in front of two framed illustrations of the same head in black.
A sculpture of a Hindu deity draped in seaweed, seated on a sandy beach. In the background clumps of seaweed and trash cover the sand until the horizon breaks into blue sky.
A visitor stands in a dark exhibition space. The floor is covered with a green carpet. Along three walls are 8 monitors suspended from the ceiling. The monitors are displaying soccer game footage, interviews and diagrams.