Past Exhibitions - Page 4

In the middle is a wooden table with two square wooden benches on both sides. On top of the wooden table are folded maps and a sewage game. To the right is a fake golden toilet across from a vitrine with objects found on Flushing Bay. There is a sign reading Flushing Creek with an arrow next to the vitrine of objects. To the left is a map of Flushing Bay and a table vitrine in front of it with a wooden bench.
On the Facade of the Museum is a three part banner in yellow with the phrase written in black ink, Dear Service Worker, Thank you for keeping NYC alive! For forever… There is a forward arrow between the words for and forever. The top of the building says Queens Museum. All of this is set below clouds and blue skies.
A black and white photo of Robert Moses, Grover Whalen, and Mayor Fiorello La Guardia speaking over a map of the 1939-40s World's Fair.
On the left side, there is a large projected still from Gabo Camnitzer’s film, a Picture-in-Picture view of archival classroom materials and blueprints. In the background to the right of the projection, a stack of blue and white posters are on the floor. To the right of the posters, facing the projection, are nine small public school chairs in different colors and materials. Behind the chairs is a large wall text of the exhibit, and to the right is an empty doorway emanating bright green light.
Paintings and a collaborative scrapbook hang on a white gallery wall. On the left, a small painting of Mount Rushmore at sunset, decorated with political protest signs, trees, and onlookers. On the left are two paintings with pink text: Am I Lovely? The left painting shows South Asian women of different brown complexions with white t-shirts and a white skincare product on their cheeks. The right painting shows two women in wrapped garments, gold facial jewelry, and head coverings. To the right, an interactive art piece asks the viewer to paste cut-out magazine clippings that explore colorism.