Past Exhibitions - Page 4

A black sculpture installed on an exhibition floor. The sculpture as a cylindrical base and has six ribbed coils sprouting out of it.
A black sculpture installed on an exhibition floor. The sculpture as a cylindrical base and has six ribbed coils sprouting out of it.
A square quilt made up of 64 smaller squares patches and a thin white perimeter. The first square, on the top left, has the words “Memories Migration Common Thread” embroidered on a white patch with black thread. Each of the other patches are made up of different colors with either abstract shapes, letters, or motifs.
A large quilt hangs from ceiling of an exhibition wall. The square quilt is made up of eight rectangular patches. Each patch is made up with different patterns, colors, and motifs and has the name of a community member lost to AIDs in large font.
A figure in a red bodysuit and large bundle of icy blue fabric covering the top half of their body walking across a driveway. In the background is a yellow building with red garage doors and a sign that reads “Jaime’s Used Tires”.
An animated image of tiny, mauve cubes floating equidistant from each other to form a grid. First, the cubes are floating above a surface of the same color where they are casting their shadows. The cubes then melt into a rippled blob and the words “Queens International 2018 Volumes” appear in an off-white font.
An acrylic painting of four busts against a color-blocked background in pink, purple, yellow, blue and lime-green. Three of the busts are wearing white and blue striped shirts and one is wearing a pink and white striped shirt. They are all bald, ghostly white, and tilting their heads.
A wooden surface with a collection of items spread out, including an open spread of a book, photocopied book pages, a pamphlet, watercolored pages, and color photographs of nature scenes and grass.
A photo collage made up of images from community-based art projects. The images include artist and community members ranging in age, gender, and racial background interacting with different installations. Including, tea ceremonies, talks, murals, and interactive sculptures.
A to scale mock up of a sculpture installation in Times Square. Transparent paper has been laid over a color photograph of Times Square and gridded lines have been draw on in pencil to perfect the scale of a sculpture. The sculpture is of a woman dressed in 19th century style clothing. In front of the sculpture is a sketch of a man view the public art.
An exhibition space with Tiffany Glass lamps on display. The lamps are made up of mosaic, green blue, purple, and yellow nature patterns and motifs. They come in variations of floor, table, and hanging lamps.
An elderly Chinese-American man stands in a room with hardwood floors and dark grey walls. The view of him is framed by two large, iridescent globes that are covered by black, gridded lines. He is wearing a black suit, that fits his body loosely, a white dress shirt, and glasses.
In the foreground is a table surface with recycled, yogurt containers filled with paint, paint brushes, and a pitcher of water. In the background, the artist David Kearns, has his back turned and is painting a mural made up of trees transitioning into fall colors. The mural features a black-haired dog walking amongst the trees and a city scape in the background. The paint style is blotchy and fuzzy with details not completely made out.
An immigrant woman stands in the middle of a street in Chinatown. Her gaze is up towards the sunlight and her hands are placed confidently on her hips. She is wearing a teal, pleated, sleeveless blouse, a grey skirt, and grey cardigan with a hood partly draped over her head. Behind her is a number of street signs in English and Chinese.
An image of a rusted ship sitting on a sandy beach, close to the water and against a cloudy sky. The image is split between four large-scale panels installed in the middle of an exhibition floor.
On a white exhibition wall is a photograph of a white woman with short, brown, curly hair, wearing a black dress who is holding up a piece of paper in one hand. She is mimicking a painted portrait of man holding the same pose. To the right of the photograph is a mosaic patterned sheet of paper made up of tiny, multi-colored squares. The paper is in an abstract shape and has some of its squares missing.
Two hands hold a server in their hands. Next to them, on a table surface covered with a navy-blue, plaid table cloth, is a worn out package covered in tan packaging tape.
A black and white bird’s eye view of Manhattan with a bubble like dome covering the stretch below Central Park.
A stylized color photograph of a police barricade. One police officer makes up half the image and has his back turned towards the police line up. He is holding up a flashlight. The second half of the image is a blurred line of police men; one smudge of a face and a row of helmets forming a magenta, stretched beam of light.
A view of a bank lobby through its glass entrance. The glass has a white, square decal repeated in two rows and its banking hours listed in tiny font. In the center of its tiled floor is a sculpture. On the back wall of the lobby is an office space with two blinds drawn half open and a front desk, booth with dark, wood paneling.