Past Exhibitions - Page 3

A group of people ranging in age, racial background, and gender pose for photograph in front of a mural. Everyone is dressed in casual fall attire and has a warm expression on their face. About half of the group is wearing masks. The mural in the background is made of horizontal stripes. From top to bottom are the colors blue, white, peach, golden–yellow, orange, and dark blue.
A group of Latinx women pose for a photograph. They are sitting and standing in three rows on a glass stairway above a museum floor. They are each holding up their own embroidery work.
A white exhibition wall with a series of objects on display. Starting on the left is a Mexican flag fashioned into a dress hanging on a clothes hanger. Centered, is a framed certificate, a framed portrait of Lorena Borjas, and a framed magazine cover featuring Lorena Borjas. On the right is a gold handbell sitting on a white, exhibition shelf. In front of the wall is a long, rectangular display case.
A black, title slide with four pieces of white text. The text shifts orientation from horizontal to vertical, along a “s” shape line on its side. From left to right the text reads: Year of Uncertainty, You, Phase Three, January through February 2022, Synthesize & Reflect, Sintetizar y Reflexionar, Queens Museum.
A narrow exhibition space with white walls and hardwood floors. Along the two walls are series of two dimensional works. Spread out on the floor is two display cases and two visitor benches. At the end of the space hangs a half orange and half dark blue flag with a white globe at its center.
A two-story mural of abstracted animals in pastel and earth tones. At the bottom left of the mural is row of artwork on display. Descending from the top right is a twisting flight of stairs. At the bottom is an empty museum floor.
A black, title slide with four pieces of white text. The text shifts orientation from horizontal to vertical, along a “s” shape line on its side. From left to right the text reads: Year of Uncertainty, You, Phase Two, November through December 2021, Engage & Experience, Involucrarse y Experimentar, Queens Museum.
A black, title slide with four pieces of white text. The text shifts orientation from horizontal to vertical, along a “s” shape line on its side. From left to right the text reads: Year of Uncertainty, You, Phases One, October 2021, Participate & Build, Participate 7 Construir, Queens Museum.
A close up installation view of Sydney Shen’s solo exhibition, Strange But True. Three, cropped views of rectangular, block sculptures sit on the gallery floor. Each block has blown up handwritten notes, black and white photographs, and documents tacked on. The block on the center has a giant metal key laying on it. One gallery wall is painted black and has blown up projector slides, a magnifying glass and a black pencil with a teddy-bear eraser topper. Two visitors are observing the works.
A blue slide with a white circle in the center. Within the white circle are three, smaller, black circles forming an equilateral triangle. The black circles are connected by blue dotted lines. Counter clockwise starting from the top, the black circles read, “ QUEENS COLLEGE”, “QUEENS MUSEUM” and “QUEENS NYC” in white, uppercase font. In the center of the triangle is another black circle of the same size. It reads “SPQ Social Practice Queens”. The center black circle is connected to each outer black circle with more blue dotted lines.
A graphic sketch of three artworks. On the left is a framed drawing of a hand, drawing on a piece of paper with a pencil. Above the hand is the word “ART” written out in block letters”. In the center is a grouping of protest signs about gun violence, LGBTQ+ rights and the Movement for Black Lives. On the right is an abstracted U.S. flag with a map of the United States. The map is shaded in to show the ratio of blue and red states.
A water reservoir surrounded by a forest of bare trees. The water is a pristine, dark blue. In the background is the skyline of New York City against a cloudy blue sky.
A close up of a collage with a busy composition. The background is white with a lot of material layered on top. The materials include a handwritten report in black ink, several forensic rulers in the metric system, tiny printed surveillance video stills, of a people walking, and separated red and blue fabric.
A tight shot of an Asian man dressed in a white collared shirt, brown suede vest, and brown cowboy hat. He has dark brown eyebrows, a close cut bread, and is wearing stud earrings. Perched on his shoulder, gently propped up by his hands, is a green mold of a cow’s head. He is tilting his head gently with his eyes closed so that his head and the cow’s head together create the shape of a heart.
A four-sided set of blinds that take up the majority of an exhibition floor. The blinds are hanging from the ceiling and are raised to reveal a rectangular section of hardwood floor embedded into the exhibition floor. On the hardwood floors is a round, black rug with white plastic chairs arranged in a circle. In the center of the chairs is a cylindrical stand displaying several monitors.
A black and white photograph of five people sitting in the back row of a bus. The people are of different racial backgrounds and genders. Their arms are crossed and they are sinking into the back seat. The fatigue of public transport is written on their face. Behind them are two round windows framing road they are passing over and a sign the reads “No Smoking” in all caps.
A corner view of an exhibition space. Colorful two-dimensional works, framed with white mat board, are installed on the corner wall. Against the longer wall is a gray, display table with more colorful, two-dimensional artworks on display beneath a sheet of glass.
A red graphic with three, black and bold words stacked to form a single column. Each word is crossed out with thick, black line.
A close up view of iridescent shards of glass. The shards of glass are in different colors and patterns. Some have stripes, some of swirls and some have spots. Each piece has a glow or sheen to it.
A car dashboard view, at sunset, on a three lane highway. The sky is clear and fades from blue to a soft yellow at the horizon. The road is also relatively clear with a few cars at a distance. Overlayed on the view is the date and time in the bottom, left corner and a magenta laser, target designator.