Exhibitions - Variations: A Portrait Series by Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans
Variations: A Portrait Series by Benedict Evans

01.11.15 – 01.25.15

Community Partnership Exhibition Program

Two side by side portraits of femme presenting adults. The portrait on the left is a color photograph. A cool light shines over the subject’s face which is emerging from a black background. They have blond hair with black roots, arched and painted eyebrows, and a pink lip. They are wearing studs, a nose ring, and a few gold necklaces. The portrait on the right is a black and white photograph and from the hip up. The subject has their face tilted up as if they are basking in the sun. Their eyes are closed and are wearing makeup, dangle earrings, a big jeweled necklace, and a sleeveless, printed dress. Their hair is straight and lightly framing their face.

In association with grassroots organization Make The Road NY (MTRNY), and the Queens Museum, Brooklyn-based portrait photographer Benedict Evans presents a series of photographs which celebrate a community of transgender, genderqueer, agender, androgyne, and gender fluid men and women living in Brooklyn and Queens, New York City.


Photographs © copyright Benedict Evans 2015.