Exhibitions - Heresies

Pedro Meyer

Pedro Meyer’s Heresies is a retrospective exhibition comprising four decades of work by one of the world’s most inventive photographers in the realm of digital photography.
Meyer began his career in the early 1960’s, taking pictures on the streets of Mexico City. Since then, he has traveled extensively throughout the world, becoming one of Mexico’s premier documentary photographers. Meyer’s photographs question the limits of truth, fiction and reality.


With the advent of digital photography in the early 1990s, Meyer evolved from a documentary “straight photographer” into a “”digital-documentarian”” who often combines photographic elements from disparate times and places to arrive at a different or higher truth. Meyer’s statement that all photographs, digitally manipulated or not, are equally “true” and “untrue”, has been labeled “heretical” in the conventional photographic community. He has also developed the website ZoneZero to host interactive exhibitions that incorporate photographs, sound, video and text.


The exhibition Heresies is simultaneously hosted by 60 institutions worldwide opening in October 2008. To celebrate the unique nature of Meyer’s work and its exhibition format, the Queens Museum of Art invited eight local community partners initiated by QMA staff educators to make their selection for the QMA presentation.

These selections will be exhibited in four installments, each providing a different perspective on the work of this innovative photographer:


October 12 – 26, 2008
Adult Students from QMA’s New New Yorkers Photography in Spanish Class (in collaboration with Project Luz)
Correctional Educators from Austin H. MacCormick Island Academy, Horizons Academy and Passages Academy


November 2 – 16, 2008
Educators from PS 144
Artists from Mano a Mano: Mexican Culture without Borders


November 23 – December 2, 2008
QMA Docents
Students of Ms. Gould and Ms. Ticas’s 7th grade class, JHS 190


December 14, 2008 – January 4, 2009
Heart of Corona Initiative
QMA Queens Teens


The New York State Council on the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, India Abroad, and Rediff.