Exhibitions Archive - Page 2

A video thumbnail with a centered, black “press play” symbol in a green rounded off square. The thumbnail is of jewel-like sculptures hanging in an atrium. The sculptures have a silver metal skeleton and are illuminated in soft gray and lavender light.
A video thumbnail with a centered, black “press play” symbol in a green rounded off square. The thumbnail is of a two-story, vertical mural against a white marble wall. The mural is installed above a set of elevators, and between a set of escalators and a floor to ceiling window. The mural is made up of sixty, mixed-media, abstract portraits.
A video thumbnail with a centered, black “press play” symbol in a green rounded off square. The thumbnail is of a blue-gradient tiled art installation, covered with six large multi-color circles. In front of the art installation a dark skinned man walks by.
A black and white photo of a building with sharp and round corners, and a tower at the center. On the facade of the building reads “GLASS CENTER” in uppercase font. The building is lined with trees and several adults are walking by on the sidewalk out front.
Dr. Egon Neustadt sitting in a brown, cushioned chair. He is wearing a blue button up and gray slacks. His face is framed and lit up by a sea of glass lamps with different, colorful, mosaic patterns. Behind him is a large, blue and green, stain-glass window of a nature scene.
An empty gallery space with a large, laminated, glass sheet suspended from a custom steel rig. The sheet is a translucent, dark gray color and invites a third plane into the space.
An exhibition space with blue-gray walls and a cement floor. In the center of the floor is a free standing, six-sided, wooden structure installed on a hardwood floor. The structure is black and covered with organized lines of text written in uppercase, white font. Raised above the structure, is a four-sided set of white blinds held together by a rectangular beam and metal wires.
An art installation made up of tiles, fills up a wall from floor to ceiling. The background creates a gradient from navy blue to blue, from top to bottom. Above the tiled background are six large circles, of varying sizes, made up of smaller multi-color circles.
A projection covering two walls, coming together to create a corner. On the screens are four Black women, standing in a garden with purple and yellow flowers at their feet. Behind and around them are white flower petals. One woman wears a striped jacket over a yellow dress. Besides her an older woman in a red suit, next to her, a young woman in a plaid shirt. The final woman wears purple fabric draped over her head and body.
In a black and white image set in the 1970’s, Suzanne Lacy stands to the left of the frame overlooking a room full of people. At the forefront are a group of people in wheelchairs, along the sides people are sitting on a couch. In the background people are standing along the room while others are sitting on the floor creating an oblong empty space in the center.
An exhibition space with Tiffany Glass lamps on display. The lamps are made up of mosaic, green blue, purple, and yellow nature patterns and motifs. They come in variations of floor, table, and hanging lamps.
A black and white family portrait of a middle-aged man and woman, and a young woman. They are sitting in a living space and dressed in traditional Gurung clothing. The young woman is holding a round object with an illustration of a religious deity. At all three of their feet sits a bowl with pebbles and a lily-pad. Written on the photograph in white is Gurung script.
A stylized color photograph of a police barricade. One police officer makes up half the image and has his back turned towards the police line up. He is holding up a flashlight. The second half of the image is a blurred line of police men; one smudge of a face and a row of helmets forming a magenta, stretched beam of light.
A black and white bird’s eye view of Manhattan with a bubble like dome covering the stretch below Central Park.
Two immigrant women wearing kitchen aprons stand in from of an outdoor food stand. Behind them, in metal food containers, are different types of grilled meat, corn on the cob, and plantains. At the top of the stand is a colorful banner with images of different plates that they serve.
A photo collage made up of images from community-based art projects. The images include artist and community members ranging in age, gender, and racial background interacting with different installations. Including, tea ceremonies, talks, murals, and interactive sculptures.
A two-story mural, of abstracted garden patterns and imagery in an empty exhibition space. Descending from the top right corner is a twisting flight of stairs. The first two-thirds of the mural, starting from the left, is mostly green and depicts a person standing in a field. As you move towards the right you see flowers in warm colors and a yellow butterfly. Then the green abruptly stops and a yellow scene begins with more flowers in different colors and a brown butterfly.
A exhibition space with a relief map of New York City’s water system installed on the floor. Surrounding the relief map is navy blue walls with a mixed-media collage and painting installation. The installation has an organic shape and is made of mostly blue, brown and yellow tones.
An acrylic painting of four busts against a color-blocked background in pink, purple, yellow, blue and lime-green. Three of the busts are wearing white and blue striped shirts and one is wearing a pink and white striped shirt. They are all bald, ghostly white, and tilting their heads.